Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

KingCast timeout on Kelly Ayotte, GOP lawsuit, here come the DOC/EOPSS discovery documents sent to Boston Herald and WDHD attorneys proving Defamation of prison reformer Joanna Marinova.

Remember how in the Kelly Ayotte lawsuit, KingCast v. Ayotte 2010-CV-501 I showed you in the "Dangerous Black Man Attacks Kelly Ayotte" video yesterday how things usually work when I approach high-powered political appointees like EOPSS Secretary Marybeth Heffernan?

Well as fate would have it, my public records request will be ready in about an hour, time to put down thee Amended Complaint in my case and grab a shower, fire up the 650R for a spirited ride downtown. I've already shown you in the video that DOC/EOPSS Public Affairs Director Diane Wiffin never told Jessica Van Sack or Byron Barnett that any sex was involved, so no need to go back over that now but get a load of this 3 June 2009 email from Charles E. McDonald, Mass Sex Offender Registry Board, also under EOPSS:
"They [The Herald] are very nervous post Judge Earnest Murphy."

"The ticket didn't say anything about sexual acts. The officer wrote it was dismissed. This statement needs to be put out because no one is speaking out. The administration should have responded that these allegations are clearly not true. 
What we have here is a crooked cop who is not only presenting a lie, but also snuck the information out of the institution which is violating CORI laws and CORI information. If the Herald did their research they would have seen that it was all dismissed. It was the Herald's and Jessica Van Sack's Responsibility as a reporter to look into all the facts. Jessica didn't. She ran the story. So either she got a forged report or she intentionally ran it."
Basically you can see that the Herald Reporter Jessica Van Sack was on a deadline, she made up a story about Plaintiff having sex with a prison reformer inmate named Darrell Jones (with CORI information illegally-obtained from someone at the DOC) and Channel 7's Byron Barnett followed suit and republished it.  I helped Plaintiff Marinova curry support and representation from Todd and Weld, one of the strongest First Amendment firms in the Northeast. For the low-low on Joanna Marinova's case, and how corrupt the DOC is, read this post and this response to a DOC Internet plant.

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