Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Profiles in American Justice Presents: Stephen R. Monier, a sitting duck.

NPR Reports: We might as well be in Clarksville, Texas, with cops conjuring up crimes against black men on sidewalks:

The Sidewalks Of Clarksville, Texas

Oh Stephen R. Monier and his buddy, Senator-Elect Kelly Ayotte are both sitting ducks for their demonstrable skills in assembling bogus prosecutions against strident, well-educated black men who exercise their Fundamental First Amendment Rights to Petition the Government for Redress, and to gather and report news. Take a look, and in my Motion be certain to read Ralph Holder's Cease and Desist Order he served on Monier exactly a year ago when he was a U.S. Marshal. Mr. Holder then served a Civil Rights Complaint against him to the DOJ, and then Mr. Monier resigned and signed on with Defendant Kelly Ayotte and her Friends, whereupon he threatened to have me arrested and called the police as I stood on the public sidewalk, then said I was a threat to Kelly Ayotte.

As I said, this guy is a sitting duck, got him right in my sights, but not like the white guy that mailed him a decomposing pig, but like the black guy who just wanted to ask Kelly Ayotte a couple of questions, or like the black guy who complained about being lied to by Martha Van Oot and Jack DeHart regarding the ethical responsibilities of Guardians ad Litem and their choice to Unconstitutionally use race as a factor to keep his son out of a white school in New Hampshire. Hot damn, people, hot damn how ridiculous. And racist.

One observer said "King, he's your best witness. A jury will see right through him."

And it's true. And the pickle is, the Court can't deny me the right to question this guy about how he and Kelly treated Ralph Holder and to a lesser extent Michael Holman because the fact patterns are far too similar. To prevent me from inquiry on those points would be to consolidate the very pattern of racial and First Amendment oppression that is complained of in my Pleadings.


KingCast: Smarter than the Average Bear, so if my case "smells like a nigger" to Niggermania, well then that's just too damn bad. You should have kept your candidate and her posse in line.

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