Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan keeps tabs on her New England roots with KingCast tweets!

I'm quite certain Her Honor enjoyed her viewing of the KingCast Official Kelly Ayotte Senate victory video, so if my Free Press case should ever cross the U.S. Supreme Court bench, she will be well-versed on it, as any good Justice should be. This case strikes at the core of what it means to have a Free Press in a Free Country, whether WMUR and Adam Harding, The Union Leader or Kelly Ayotte can dig it or not. And with that, I'm off to Concord for my U.S. District Court hearing in KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD, 2010-E-333, 2010-CV-492, 2010-CV-501, read the successful Renewed Motion for TRO/Injunctive Relief.

Adam, you have been KingCasted, and totally OWNED. Well Kelly already owned you, so that should be nothing new for you.

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  1. PS: I am allowed to be an assertive reporter, unlike the shills at WMUR. I am allowed to respectfully criticize the Court as well, and what I didn't like yesterday from Judge McCafferty was that she didn't give full attention to the fact that Nashua PD Lieutenant John Fisher is repeatedly talking to me while I am already complying with his Orders. I'm on the damn sidewalk, and there are other white people closer to a backing car than I am, yet he is trying to distract me at the behest of fascist pig Kelly Ayotte and her campaign. Watch the Mexican Standoff video, with that Fascist Flip-Flop John McCain.

    Then former U.S. Marshal Steve Monier tries to say that there was some kind of threat implied by my presence, but that's complete crap because nobody is scared of me, I even have a quick chat with a white stringer at 7:00. This guy cracks me up, I even called him over after a rally and personally spoke with him about motorcycles, weight loss, etc. the guy knows damn well I'm not going to hurt anybody or invade personal space. I'm going to get all the raw video ready for the Defendants because they were crying in Court yesterday that I wasn't showing the whole picture. Well guys when you get the whole picture just remember: You asked for it.

    And remember guys: None of this matters, the case is going to SCOTUS anyway on a Conflict of Laws between the States on Private Property/Limited Public Forum and a Federal Question. All in Due Time.