Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, December 23, 2010

FDIC knows what a big business dupe Senator Kelly Ayotte is; they are reading KingCast online journals!

Their search for Kelly Ayotte staff yields this; meanwhile McLane Graf is enjoying the read of the MBF Leasing Dereliction of Duty Holiday Gift journal entry. Ironclad Dereliction of Duty All the Way, folks, and for you Niggermania supporters of Kelly Ayotte, there are plenty of Good White Folks being harmed by former NH AG cum U.S. Senator's (in)actions, and this is one of the only places you can get the full picture, so I extend my black hand to you, and reach out to you so that you can come in and join in the fun.

PS: Now I'm sorry if it "smells like a nigger" (to quote you) too much for you up in here, but it's all in the interest of the Greater Good because what Kelly Ayotte is doing to New Hampshire and to America, frankly smells like Bovine Excrement.

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