Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, December 5, 2010

State v. Orde, 2010 N.H. LEXIS 145 (30 Nov. 2010) proves Justice Linda Dalianis hates the First Amendment and Civil Liberties and is unfit to be NH Supreme Court Chief Justice.

In addition to the Brown v. Board (see Ralph Holder letter to NH Executive Council) and other Civil Rights violations she condoned as noted in these KingCast confirmation hearing videos, just last week she became the lone dissenter in a clear cut case of unlawful search. Note to Justice Dalianis: If the evidence is not in Plain View from the dang street or sidewalk, cops can't be using evidence obtained from the back deck that you can't even see from said dang street. Her Brethren set her straight though:
Note: I have no particular affinity for the Defendant's Attorney Jeffrey Denner, when I was Boston Bob I had to get the ACLU to force this guy and another lawyer named Kevin Barron (who accidentally brought heroin into a prison) to pay Derrick Gillenwater for legal malpractice on a very similar case. It appears that I taught them well, Denner did a good job this time :)

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