Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kelly Ayotte's WMUR Afghanistan 2014 shill Stephen Monier is a bigoted, First Amendment and Free Press hater.

Interesting to see Kelly Ayotte's Veteran policy wonk Stephen Monier on WMUR TV today even though they had to call in to verify because his name wasn't cited. Read more about former NH U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier and his merry band of pranksters here. And let's not get to what Kelly Ayotte, Stephen Monier, NH Supreme Court Judge Linda Dalianis (video) and others did to U.S. Secretary of State employee and black male Civil Rights activist Ralph Holder after they allowed race as a reason to kick his negro child out of the nice while schools and sent him to the separate but equal school in crime-ridden, comparatively-impoverished school in Mass. The Federal District Court sealed his lawsuit, 2010-CV-448 but It's all going to come out in the wash.

Profiles in American Justice: Stephen R. Monier.

PS: Kelly Ayotte and Stephen Monier are leading the charge to turn NH back into the Hard Right State it once was, and I believe that he may have had a close association with uber-right militarist former Governor Mel Thompson that landed him the U.S. Marshal post that he abused against Ralph Holder. Mel Thompson praised apartheid and wanted nuclear arms in NH. Nice. Now I see the element I'm dealing with in my Free Press lawsuit (see my Martin Luther King Post).

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