Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, January 9, 2011

KingCast goes across the pond for a newbie (a Triumph Sprint RS) and educates Boston youth to the horrors of Senator Kelly Ayotte and her "Bad Blood" Franconia shooting tragedy coverup.

Well sports fans what happened here are two things:

1. A new motorcycle, a 2002 Triumph Sprint ST/RS 955i with just over 14K on the clock, 10K less then what I had on the 2007 650R. It sounds like this on the road.

2. LE this morning are busy reading this early Franconia post, "Res ipsa IV" showing Bruce McKay's huge tire track trail and Kelly Ayotte to be a liar. I won't say who it is but I will say that as people find out about the Dorothy Aufiero/Casey Sherman movie production of "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" they are coming here to view pictures and facts that you simply cannot view anywhere else in the World.

3. The other day a small Asian woman was trying to life a heavy suitcase up the stairs at South Station. As dozens of idiots walked right past her this young man and I approached her, he got there first and I turned to tell him "hey man good look." Whereupon we engaged in a quick conversation about the state of social contract in the United States, and I told him about KingCast but nothing about Franconia. The following email is from him today. 

From: [Nunya']

Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2011 11:36 PM
Subject: T station kid

Hello Chris,

This is the kid you crossed a few words with at park street station not too long ago. As soon as I could visit the website you recommended the time we met, I was a little captivated by the Franconia 5/11 case of New Hampshire, amongst obvious reasons and curiously enough this event happened the day of my 19th birthday. As you may have already figured out the cause of my interest in this specific video you have posted being that while I was in Miami, probably having a little fun myself, others where being perhaps... assassinated? As you already may know, I would much appreciate further information you have obtained regarding the tragedy in question. I, [JDG], would like to thank you for the time you take to bring my concerns at ease.

Dear Juan: I regret that I cannot in any way assuage your fears. This case was a coverup from the get go, when former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte covered up Bruce McKay's proved violations of protocol on OC Spray and pursuit, as well multiple-felon Gregory Floyd's likely murder of Liko Kenney.

Where to start my brother?
First watch this movie.
Read the Greg Floyd coverup post.
Read KingCast post to Bad Blood author Casey Sherman One.
Read KingCast post to Bad Blood author Casey Sherman Two.

When you are done we can talk about ways to put the word out through social networks that the upcoming movie cannot possibly tell the whole story. But much of that story may be found right here. For more detail on things that retired Franconia and Sugar Hill LE Bradford Whipple and I find germane (i.e. a proved history of malfeasance on the part of NH LE) read this journal.  Meanwhile the movie certainly will raise consciousness, at a minimum as the lawsuit on behalf of Liko Kenney will march forward, as will my lawsuit against Kelly Ayotte (3rd para). for her repeated threats of arrest against me for being a reporter she doesn't care for.

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