Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KingCast is honored to be a panelist at the NENPA 2011 winter convention, "Sorting it out: Who qualifies as a full fledged journalist in 2011?"

Here is the New England New and Press (NENPA) program pdf for the big weekend starting 11 February. John Christie from the Maine Center Public Interest Reporting is one of my co-panelists, and I am honored.

Having worked for a large daily (Indianapolis Star) and having edited the Cincinnati Edition of the Ohio Call & Post 20 years ago kind of grandfathers me but I still get substantial push back at times, even from Suffolk County DA Dan Conley, who then turned to my friend Seth Daniels, who was publishing my Revere Dan Talbot police murder pool pictures at the Revere Journal. I ran about 40 videos  (hosted at YouTube) and legal commentary of that event, and defense counsel were overheard stating "that guy knows his stuff." Well I would hope so, I was a good attorney, all of my clients knew that.

Even from people like the GOP's Ryan Williams and Di Lothrop, who run the New Hampshire and Nashua GOP Communications offices. and I'll be updating this journal entry over the next day or two but for now I'll leave you with a few hints:

1. You shouldn't need a  Federal Judge to rule that you are a journalist.

2. You can apparently identify the wrong person in a Defamatory story and still be a journalist.

4. If you are the Union Leader you can totally plagiarize a blogger, and you can form arguably racist opinions about Civil Rights activists being criminals, only to be proved wrong and quietly remove the offending editorial from the Internet, only to see it reposted by a diligent Civil Rights activist and professional journalist.
There's Dan and me having a chit-chat after the Dan Talbot murder trial because he didn't like the fact that the Court gave me press credentials before NENPA did. He no wanna talkie-to-me, he wanna' walkie walkie away...... and his press wonk Jake Wark thought the whole thing was funny.

I think you know you're a good journalist when you catch things like this and have the strength and courage to report it.

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  1. Christopher King to jennifer.parent, jack.middleton, gmacdonald, Brian, bcc:

    show details 7:48 AM (10 minutes ago)

    KingCast offer to dismiss Free Press case and subsequent appeals.

    Make Kelly Appear at the NENPA conference as a panelist with me and I will dismiss everything with prejudice.

    Otherwise we're going to get to know each other very well in the next few years, the choice is yours.

    Good Day to All.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People