Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KingCast says Kelly Ayotte LE shill Russell Cumbee is at it again.... trash talking everyone who speaks the truth and brown nosing Kelly Ayotte.

Wow.... I haven't listened to this one in months, but it certainly is compelling. I was in rare form that day as the Good Senator repeatedly interrupted me with admonitions received by no one else. He had all of my emails on tis matter in his inbox, and I embarrassed him about it because he deserved it, sorry.

Russell Cumbee is one of those slithery kind of folks who shows up to trash talk Brad Whipple (Great feature on Brad, a military career Mr. Cumbee can't even get a whiff of in his wildest dreams) and call him a "crackpot" and me a "disgraced attorney."

Let me tell you something right here, pal:

Brad Whipple is not a crackpot and there is no shame in my game. 

There is, however, substantial shame in Bruce McKay's game as you remember that the Town kicked your stupid warrant bill to the curb and the NH Legislature shut the door on not one but two Bruce McKay Highway bills, HB 1428 and SB 154, just the facts you hater. Watch more in the short film below about your multiple felon buddy Greg Floyd. If you're so in love with Kelly and Floyd why don't you go give him a man hug in prison and take out another mortgage on your house and pay for Floyd's legal bills because that creep can't find legal counsel in Estate of Liko Kenney v. Greg Floyd et al..... 2010-CV-181 so you know put your money where your big fat mouth is, you tool. We know you are a two-bit hypocrite on the First Amendment. We know you like Kelly, you gave her campaign (the lead Defendants in my Free Press racial lawsuit 2010-CV-501 ) $250 and you're on her website. Was that you on WMUR today shilling for Kelly, curious minds want to know. 

You see Russell let me tell you something about being a man. A man admits his alliances and prejudices. On this journal you have seen me go from neutral 3.5 years ago to hating Bruce McKay's professional and part of his private life (the DV TRO piece) with a passion, and that is open to all to see. But you slither around like a beady-eyed snake and trash talk while hiding who and what you  really are. Well I know what you are, Sir, I know what you are and you are one step above your punk pal Gregory Floyd, who should be brought up on 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(1) charges. You should know all about it because you work for the Grafton County Sheriff's Office and it was the Grafton County Superior Courthouse who asked the Feds for a response on the issue 13 years ago, Docket Sheet on Case No. 98-S-242never got one. But Floyd violated again in 2009 so you best get that second mortgage done soon so you can help your buddy out there, Mr. First Amendment. Oh, wait: That's me, not you. May you never forget that.

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