Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

KingCast Settlement Offer to Defendants Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD goes ignored + other spicy emails about a pissed-off redneck cop named Jim Hargreaves.

It seems the Defendants are a tad miffed (again) about the Constitutionally-protected use of my First AMendment Rights when I identified certain Nashua LE as "rednecks" in yesterday's journal entry. Well that, ahem, pales in comparison to those rednecks driving me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, score a victory for KingCast on that one, read the emails below the fold.

AS to the Settlement Offer for Senator Ayotte to attend next month's NENPA winter conference with other panelists and Yours Truly:

Christopher King

 to BcullenJackjennifer.parentgmacdonald, bcc: Jeanne, bcc: Jane, bcc: Mike, bcc: michael, bcc: ralph, bcc: Dave, bcc: pmeighan, bcc: gmorris, bcc: awolfe, bcc: Jonathan, bcc: Arthur
show details 12:21 PM (8 minutes ago)

I made your clients a legitimate settlement demand that didn't even involve any money. And I can 99.9% guarantee you that NENPA would schedule such a discussion sua sponte even if Kelly can't make the event for the 12th, in Black History Month.

You of course have an ethical duty to bring that to your clients and to issue me a response in writing.

Has Kelly accepted or declined this Demand?

Please advise by COB tomorrow, 27 January 2011 so that I can notify the Court at a time appropriate and the Entire Free World right now.

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People

Brian Cullen to me, jennifer.parent, Jack, gmacdonald
show details 9:22 AM (3 hours ago)

As I recall it, you stated in court that you had no reason to believe this matter was racially motivated, going so far as to note that due to the limited diversity in the state it is not unusual for you to be the only minority at an event. Since then your tone has become increasingly strident and you seem to have developed a conviction that this matter was racially motivated and that each person involved with it acted out of personal hatred for you based solely on your race. You have taken to referring to the officers as “racists” and “fascist pigs.” Frankly, I think this new tone only weakens your arguments, so I am somewhat reluctant to dissuade you from what I believe is a self-defeating approach to this case. However, I ask that you reconsider your continued, defamatory postings about the officers in this case and ask you to focus your posts and pleadings on the facts of the case rather than your incorrect assumptions and unfounded aspersions on and about those involved.

I will not be responding further on this subject.


Brian J.S. Cullen, Esq.
CullenCollimore pllc
10 East Pearl Street
Nashua, NH 03060

This email may constitute privileged attorney client communication or attorney work product. If received in error, please notify sender and destroy all copies.

From: Christopher King []
Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2011 8:39 AM
To:; Brian Cullen; Middleton, Jack;; Christopher King
Subject: Brian are you proud of this guy?
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Christopher King to Brian, Jack, jennifer.parent, gmacdonald, bcc:
show details 9:49 AM (2 hours ago)

Your recollection does not comport with mine, as I stated in Court that Kelly and the campaign "used race as proxy for ideology to implement a form of prior restraint." Feel free to order the transcript if you like, but I've ALWAYS maintained Kelly Ayotte was racist ever since she and Marty Dunn initiated and maintained those bogus criminal and quasi-criminal cases against me as NAACP Legal Chair. Even after I offered to sit down with them and explain it, and offer to present to the Grand Jury so if you think I'm going to keep a civil tongue now you are sadly mistaken.

You try walking a mile in my shoes and putting up with that bullshit. And yes it was BULLSHIT and all of you know it.

Are my comments inflammatory? Yes. Defamatory, no. More strident yes, especially since I discovered the missing video of that jackbooted thug driving me out of the entire facility. As I said, being threatened with arrest by a hater like Hargreaves after he ignored that white woman striking my camera and imploring me "just don't touch anybody else" is not any kind of fun, Sir. In fact it is quite the opposite, and it is contemptible behavior that I will not tolerate. Again, I thought I made myself clear on that.

Don't get mad at me for your client's conduct.

And after living on this planet for 45 years yah I have a pretty good racism radar.

I maintain my position.

And let's not even get to Counselor MacDonald's happy little oversight.

If you think you've got a Defamation case against me, bring it. Otherwise let's continue on our Path to SCOTUS.

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People

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Christopher King to Brian, Jack, jennifer.parent, gmacdonald
show details 9:52 AM (2 hours ago)
So Hargreaves is pissed off, is he?


That will teach him not to run me out of the entire building and otherwise mistreat me.

There is of course, a way to make all of this go away but y'all would rather head to SCOTUS so I'm down with that.

Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People
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