Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, February 18, 2011

Black History Month at KingCast continues with LA Progressive's feature on "12 Angry Black Men: True Stories of being a black man in America today."

Cops Are Missing the Bad Guys While Profiling the Black Guys

A diverse group of people shares their encounters with the police, including aNew York Times reporter who was detained while on assignment; Joe Morgan, a baseball legend who was racially profiled at LAX; Joshua T. Wiley, a hip hop artist who is constantly harassed by police, and Paul Butler, a law professor and former federal prosecutor who was stopped by the cops for living in a nice neighborhood. Meanwhile, Byron Bain, a Harvard Law student was told by his arresting officer that he must attend the school on a “ball scholarship.” Bain compiled a tragically comical “Bill of Rights for Black Men,” which includes as its first and second amendments, “Congress can make no law altering the established fact that a black man is a n****r,” and “The right of any white person to apprehend a n****r will not be infringed.” Newly arrived, foreign-born black men with British accents are not immune from profiling and arrest. Even lawmakers are not exempt, as Congressman Danny Davis recounts his experience of racial profiling by the Chicago police while driving home from his weekly radio show......

I definitely shared some comments, social and legal observations about racism and anti-Semitism at the link.

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