Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kelly Ayotte's hero Bruce McKay and two cops Ball and Cox beat and torture Liko Kenney for no lawful reason.

You don’t have a right to keep me here without a good reason…..You can’t just pull people off the street, put them in handcuffs and drive them around for no reason. I was sitting in my car, resting before driving home and now you've done this to me, for no reason. I need help I am requesting State Police Assistance, he punched me in the face, you and him both saw him punch me in the face and now you're saying he didn't.  

I am being beat up in handcuffs by three armed men who have guns and I have nothing, and you are hurting me for no reason. I asked you a hundred times why you are doing this to me..... Small wonder the NH Legislature twice refused to name a highway after this "hero," HB 1428 and SB 154 watch the testimony, here's more.

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