Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, February 10, 2011

KingCast and ArrestAJudgeKit (Lion News) show what happens when cops stunt around and shoot, maim or otherwise injure innocent people.

Here then, is my directly related video (another KingCast video stuck at 310 hits) filmed on location in Franconia at the home of Davey and Michele Kenney and at Wendel's Cafe. It features Aiynna Jones, Bruce McKay blasting Sarah with OC Spray and other oppressive police tactics.

The GOP, Kelly Ayotte and Nashua PD attorneys absolutely despise what Terry and I do, so much so that they mention him by name in this ridiculous Objection to my new footage of bigoted racist cop Jim Hargreaves driving me out of the entire Crowne Plaza Joe Arpaio "Steak Out," guess they were staking out some pesky niggas, niggas, Uncle Ruckus style.  What is Terry's crime? He put some comments up in my YouTube videos, comments that aren't even part of the formal record in my lawsuit NH Dist. 2010-CV-501 because the formal record to my knowledge does not recognize external hotlinks, the hotlinks don't work with pdf, I stipulated that the hotlinks don't matter, and most importantly because I filed hard copy CD with appropriate ECT Notices of Conventional filing with. 

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