Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

KingCast asks for Black History Month, "Why wasn't Kelly Ayotte's hero and multiple felon Greg Floyd sentenced for 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) as was Arthur DaMario?

Greg Floyd picture gallery and video.
Here's the Greg Floyd background that NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte hid. Here is U.S. v. DaMario, 350 F.3d 348 (2003)Floyd was in possession on two distinct occasions, in the late 1990's and again in 2009 after he was found guilty of criminally threatening his neighbor, A.J. Boisvert. He can't find a lawyer in the wrongful death action of Liko Kenney v. Floyd et al. 2010-CV-181 'cos, like, everyone reads this journal and knows he's a dirtbag. But why does this dirtbag receive special protections from the people to whom we pay our tax dollars for protection from people like him? This dude sounds almost as dangerous as Greg Floyd, who threatened to "give (police) a third eye," because "I'm sitting on my Ruger right now." 
So the way we left it is that nobody had better push me or I'll explode. 'Leave me the fuck alone!' I said, or I'll kill somebody. I also said that I will not do this time and plan to beat the judges however I can even if it means  [*7]  hanging myself . . . .

But they have to let me out eventually. I've told them where we're at. If they don't drop these terror tactics immediately, I'm dedicated to killing R.I. judges when I'm out. I'll put the conspirators on the front page. . . . I dare anybody to push me......
Vice President Biden straight up promised me and a gymnasium chock full of NH taxpayers that the Obama administration would prosecute people like Floyd, but I guess the Feds like Carmen Ortiz and and Michael Sullivan are too busy paying shady characters $30K to shove $1K to Civil Rights negroes like Chuck Turner to deal with white men like Greg Floyd, just as Uncle Ruckus and Casey Sherman's racist, moronic Boston Herald friends and business partners Howie Carr and Michele McPhee would have it. Life is grand. Or is it, "America: Land of the Free... home of the brave."
KingCast: The shortest and the coldest.

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