Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, February 17, 2011

KingCast, the iPhone and the Canon SX-20 IS present: Buddies.

I don't know who is scarier, Officer Friendly or the Hitler Youth post-pubescent cherub in the background, he was cheering with glee as Lieutenant Fisher kept harassing me even as I stood on the sidewalk, following his specific orders at the John McCain/Kelly Ayotte VFW rally, where I was threatened with arrest yet again. McCain did that to black reporter Stephen Price a coupla' years ago, SSDD. And let's not forget Jim Hargreaves running me out of the entire Crowne Plaza at the behest of that Hitler Youth GOP Communications Director Ryan Williams, all of it memorialized in my 2011 NENPA Convention and Trade show presentation video. As Bob Holt, III said in this NENPA KingCast video: "Your job is to shoot in the street and cry in the darkroom later, and don't ever forget that." Bob, I haven't forgotten, and I won't.

As to these downpresser men: I'll tell you straight up that abuse of the minority small press is not tolerated in my America. Welcome to the First Amendment guys, viva la First First Amendment. See also Gorsuch v. Fisher et al. 2010-CV-495.

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  1. Hint: That top tracker picture is not the first hit I've received from Egypt and it won't be the last. The parallels are obvious.