Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, February 4, 2011

KingCast observes Kelly Ayotte foes Sulloway and Hollis read up about Nixon Peabody's Gordon MacDonald's misrepresentations and pending Rule 11 issue in KingCast v. Friends of Kelly Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD.

It's not about how many people read KingCast.... hell you've got millions of idiots who watch FOX News everyday and a few hundred for me who cares because I don't need them reading this journal anyway..... no, rather it's about the quality of the people who read KingCast and their individual and collective strengths in the marketplace of Justice. Here is the SCOTUS brief in Planned Parenthood v. Kelly Ayotte, perhaps ACLU will file Amicus when I get to SCOTUS in my Free Press Racial lawsuit. Here's the pending Rule 11 Motion against NH GOP and Counsel Gordon MacDonald. And remember: KingCast is the only media source that placed copies of the two $150K checks from Ayotte to Planned Parenthood counsel online and in video.

And as you can see by the thumbnail at left, the U.S. Senate is watching the new movie about Kelly Ayotte covering up the Franconia shooting tragedy; read below the fold to see some of the things that Sulloway and Hollis are reading about (they are definitely reading about Ralph Holder's case) and discover what their favorite picture is to download..... but first check one of my fave pics to download... it is the very first email on the second batch of emails that Miss Kelly tried to hide and destroy, here's the link to which my directive attends. Pretty hard to argue with my position on that Fred Hoysradt sexual assault matter, isn't it. Another dirty cop getting a pass from Kelly.
Their favorite picture is of course Gordon MacDonald with Ridley Report's Dave Ridley doing his thing. Look for an update from Mr. Ridley in the next few days, likely by Monday if not over the weekend he informs.

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