Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NENPA watches Kelly Ayotte and friends play hardball with the KingCaster on service of his Court-Ordered Second Amended Complaint in Free Press racial lawsuit, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

Last week Judge Barbadoro scolded all of us and said "start over." Okay, fine now I get to include the fact that the Nashua PD ran me out of the entire Crowne Plaza for no lawful reason and in violation of public accommodation laws at the behest of the GOP as seen in the video at the above linky. But wait there's more: The GOP actually emerges as a more reasonable adversary in this matter on the issues of service, read more below the fold as you watch the KingCaster look out over these amber waves of grain:

Initially I had the wrong name for two of the parties. Now this is typically not a huge dilemma and gets sorted out through various court Orders because it's not as if the wrong party was named, you simply had the wrong name for the party so you correct it. But in this case Friends of Kelly Ayotte and GOP (a/k/a "Republican Nashua and NH Committees")  initially fought me in footnotes, claiming that there were service problems -- even though I served Friends of Kelly Ayotte at her personal residence and the GOPs NH and Nashua at their respective HQ. So now the latest is that GOP attorney Gordon MacDonald has waived that argument and will accept service through electronic filing on behalf of his client as any reasonable attorney would do in this situation. Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen is on the same page as there were no service issues in his case. I wrote all Defendants and asked them to advise me by COB yesterday on their position.

But alas, Friends of Kelly Ayotte disrespectfully or negligently failed to respond either way are apparently going to make me print out a new Complaint, call up the damn Sheriff and waste time and money to serve them at the Friends of Kelly Ayotte address, how petty and ridiculous. But see petty and ridiculous is Kelly's M.O. with me, going back a few years to the bogus First Amendment beat down she tried to give me when I was NAACP Legal Chair and I schooled her and UL Publisher Joe McQuaid with a KingCastic beat down of my own, with video and courtroom pictures in the Spirit of the New Journalism seen in the top video and in my NENPA 2011 Convention and Trade Show presentation video.

Related: Speaking of Accuracy in Journalism, read up on Kelly Ayotte's hero Bruce McKay sticking that knife toward Ms. B's privates, as opposed to her "abdomen." Small wonder the townspeople and NH Legislature twice refused to name a section of roadway after him, listen to my testimony and that of others right here top video.

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