Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KingCast shows how WMUR keeps video of people they don't like while burying videos of people they protect, like Senator Kelly Ayotte's hero Greg Floyd.

Top photo, streetside photos of Floyd family and KingCast with Casey Sherman are courtesy M deRham, screen caps I forget where I made them because the underlying video was removed; bottom pic Littleton Courier.
Fact: As noted in this week's Rubin Hurricane Carter video, waaaaay back in 2005 then NH AG Kelly Ayotte and a jackass cop named Marty Dunn got me indicted for being a vigorous Civil Rights advocate as NAACP Legal Chair. even though my conduct was well within Constitutionally-protected activity. What's a one year license suspension you have convicted and disbarred white guys (Michael McLaughlin) now of counsel with Shaheen and Gordon... who in turn represented Greg Floyd for a while before my journals and a few other diligent Fourth Estate practitioners exposed the fact that he's a complete liar anyway hahahaa... Now as to the Floyd/McLaughlin/Shaheen & Gordon connections, I guess birds of a feather.....

Anywhoozer, I had asked to speak to the Grand Jury and got shot down, facilitating another waste of NH tax dollars. The related cases were a complete travesty of Justice and all charges were dismissed.

But guess what. The video is still maintained on WMUR, (update, it is hung up now but I watched it not long ago) even though the NAACP lied Under Oath and even though the jointly-owned Union Leader racist editorial "Shaking down the master" by jackass Joe McQuaid was pulled from the Internet after I kicked Kelly Ayotte's royal arse and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigned amidst an ethics scandal, but not before I captured it, hahahaaa.... I will laugh right in your face every day you dirty rotten bastards. Hahahaaa.....

And guess what else: The video of Liko Kenney's murderer (IMO) Greg Floyd has been removed, as noted in this 30 December 2010 journal entry. But Floyd's video was from 15 April, 2008 -- four whole years AFTER mine, and I know what happened because I was there, as clearly seen, hahahaaa.... Yeah, I've got their number, and that's why they can't stand me and don't even allow me to post anything online, same as those douchebags at Wikipedia, they can all go to hell, and so can anyone who tolerates that sort of mentality and I don't care if you're a black owner of a local pirate radio station or anybody, all of you can go to hell hahahaaaa.....

Related: The Look. Yah you lookin' at me Adam Harding, well I'm looking right back atcha' my friend. Just a guy with a house negro education with a field negro mentality. You tools of oppression don't own me and you never will :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our government should stop making false criminals and prosecute the real ones.

My name is Christopher King, and I am a Civil Rights documentary film maker. Wait till I get that Canon 60D and a directional mic. Of course I won't have the zoom of the SX 20 IS but the footage is sublime at 1080p 24fps. Coming soon to a small theatre near you. Now let's hear from Mr. Dylan below the fold:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

KingCast and Mortgage Movies loose giant smirk and ask "What in the hell happened to NAACP v. Ameriquest?"

Ameriquest.....Allegations of unlawful discrimination and mortgage fraud, tsk, tsk, tsk..... Defendant filed Motions to Dismiss and were denied..... back in 2009. The case as linked has disappeared so I will repost it by morning. Heck here it is now. Since then we don't know whatever happened as to settlement or subsequent litigation I defy anyone to readily discover anything more about it as the case has fallen into a black abyss so to speak... but whites are effected by corruption too!

That reminds me I have to send out the hard copies of the pending FOIA request to the U.S. Trustee's Office since they are ignoring potential B10 Mortgage Fraud against Leslie Crepeau in NH. Y'all pull up a chair, get some popcorn started, read up and watch the movie.

Ameriquest: Goin' over like a led zeppelin, a real heartbreaker, baby..... Live at Earl's Court... I love Earl's Court, the most Euro hangout I saw in England. Anyway, we could eradicate this sort of corruption if we could just join hands... if we could just, if we could just....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

KingCast coverage of Rubin Hurricane Carter Compelling Conversation at Boston's Bunker Hill Community College.

"Today is what it is because yesterday is what it was.... And tomorrow will be exactly what we make of it.
My opponent -- The United States of America -- was sharp and slick and always laughing at me."
Above is the trailer, yes I have some good footage from today as well, including pictures and conversation with two wrongly-convicted black men present in the audience (Shirley McGee and Walter Coleman), College President Mary Fifield and many others. look for a KingCast moving picture some time tomorrow, 25 March 2011.

See I was never imprisoned but NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte sure did try to put me in a trickbag facing 7 Felony years and a $40K fine over the lawful exercise of my First Amendment Rights as Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair. Now I'm suing her for other First Amendment violations, see KingCast v. Ayotte, NH Dist. 2010-CV-501. Kelly Ayotte is a racist former prosecutor and yacht builder Michael Holman has the goods to prove it, watch our video from yesterday as he describes how Ayotte allowed the white, drugged-out mother of his three children to criminally endanger his son all the way to a coma after she let him out on a bicycle with no helmet. She then covered up for other NH LE who criminally charged him when he complained that they allowed her to sweep over to Seattle, WA on a jet airplane and take the children back from him as he was gainfully employed making good money as a yacht builder out there. To this day they have never shown him the paperwork that was filed to compel Police Chief John Pickering to take his babies from him and deposit them with a cracked-out mother where they were subject to sexual abuse and the aforementioned coma.

But that's New Hampshire for you folks. Take my advice if you are a progressive black, the best thing for you to do is get the hell out of New Hampshire because they definitely don't want you there whether you rent as I did, or buy a ski chalet as Mr. Holman did. And as far as Chuck Turner and his persecution prosecution goes, watch the video from last night. He comes first, then come the video for this presentation late night Friday.

NECN interviews KingCast, other travelers on bus safety after tragic NYC and NJ, NH crashes.

I avoided exactly what their editor wrote... "in the wake of...." Just not the choice of words I wanted given that folks actually died :(

My response: "I think I'll ride my motorcycle... it might be safer. NECN video at the linky, KingCast video later, as with Jennifer Eagan I ran my own video as they interviewed me. Links later as well, I'm busy with the Hurricane Carter video now.

Update: Second lawsuit filed, folks say the bus driver caused this crash and that there was no phantom tractor-trailer swipe. Look for a CSI segment soon. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KingCast and Kelly Ayotte victim Michael Holman present: The Beauty of New Hampshire.

This is not the first or only time that the not-so-highly esteemed Senator Kelly Ayotte has done this sort of thing or allowed it to happen. She did similar things to Ralph Holder -- another black man -- and also check Dave Coltin, a caucasian brother. Google their names and run them on YouTube to see Mr. Coltin's NH Supreme Court testimony. The Michael Holman movie will be up by noon and boy oh boy it presents a very compelling and accurate picture of glorified redneck racism 24/7., Harvard Kennedy school, KingCast and others all support Boston Media Reform.

Here is the website. Stay tuned this evening or tomorrow morning for footage of last night's panel discussion at the Charles Hotel. Strengthening the presence of alternative media is the general theme going on here, and I like it. I got a chance to share some of the things I have observed with Capitol Access TV in Concord, NH about how the GOP and Senator Kelly Ayotte have an agenda that is all about suppression of free press. Google KingCast v. Ayotte et al. NH Dist. 2010-CV-501.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Neil Garfield's Living Lies Mortgage Journal lauds KingCast Mortgage Movies exposure on U.S. Trustee dereliction of duty in B10 Mortgage Fraud issue.

NH oppressive government is going to take some hits.
Mortgage Movies Surefire Home Question U.S. Trustees on B10 Mortgage Fraud Issues

Thursday, March 17, 2011

KingCast presents: Erin Go Bragh 2011.

Run the history in this journal to see that I have often recognized St. Patrick as a Civil Rights Activist, and many of my Irish Negroes from across the pond caught the vibe over the years, full concurrence no dissent. My favorite old pillow, stitching loose and all of that.

Note: See how Justice hides in the fold? 

KingCast and the Samsung Galaxy S present: The British Invasion circa 2011.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

KingCast Mortgage Movies is a huge hit with the U.S. Department of Justice!

Cross-Post: Implode-Explode, my nappy NH mortgage fallout brothers and sisters.
If you think they are interested now, just wait. We're just getting started, folks. 

Here is the 18 March 2011 Update thanking Neil and Living Lies. We the People, are going to bust this wide open and make our Government accountable. The Revolution will be televised.

Dear Attorney Karonis: 

As I noted in the video I am a former Government Attorney, so I understand your workshops that can take you away from the office for a time. However, you did not return any of Ms. Crepeau's phone calls on the following business day either after you had an entire weekend to pull things together. As part of my training we always reviewed new and relevant cases, so I would think your offices would operate the same way. Therefore you should be sensitized to the concerns I raised about HLO and David Stern and you should be seeking more information from the Debtor, especially because she told you she was driving in her car the only time you actually telephoned her to my knowledge and belief.

To wit, the case of Miroslav Zecevic v. and U.S. National Bank, Harmon Law Offices, Wells Fargo and GMAC, Belknap 10-E-196 20 Jan 2001 citing Ibanez, may well present the very same issues I raised to your admin on KingCast/Mortgage Movies HD video. As such, a casual or diligent observer could deem you derelict in your duties unless or until proven otherwise. I look forward to prompt and timely responses to my RSA 91-A and FOIA Requests.

magnify this user Us Dept Of Justice ( [Label IP Address]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bill Christy's dumbass friends ban KingCast from Delaware NewsZap, they don't even know a contraction from a possessive pronoun hahahaa....

Bill Christy, Mr. Big and Bad, JAG-posing, Mr. Nigger Motherfucker himself...... They sure do hate the Truth coming out. Here's the web page they will probably remove but I saved it to my hard drive, hahahaaa... Then they reported me to NENPA, who-hoooooo.... as if NENPA cares what these haters have to say, hahahahaaa..... the joke is on you, hahahahaa.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Middlesex Judge Spencer Kagan, Court demand that Jay Korff ask KingCast to remove nasty facts about Hizzoner, Adam Klein, Lee Levine, Bowser and the Court.

Up Front: My 2011 New England News and Press Association videos.

NENPA letter to me.

Okay so first it was JAG-posing welder, racist and alleged child abuser Bill Christy again begging me to take down the proof he called me a nigger and a motherfucker. Bill Christy is a Kelly Ayotte supporter. Kelly Ayotte hates Free Press and anyone questioning the government so she had her American GOON squad from the Nashua PD run me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, Hence KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist. 2010 CV 501.
Now as a condition of his release, Financial Planner Jay Korff, has been ORDERED to request that I remove any and all journal entries and websites I have posted about Middlesex Probate Judge Spencer Kagan, such as this one or this one.  And of course he wants the soft porn boobies he allegedly posted on his own online journals removed, along with ass crack and the apparently illicit emails to a beer-swilling former intern.

He asked me and I politely declined and the conversation was witnessed.

I am not inclined to remove anything from my journals, and no one is in any legal position to even ask me to do so. I know the First Amendment as well as any high-dollar lawyer or judge and I am well within my rights, that's it and that's that and I will not tolerate any nonsense in that regard whatsoever.  I schooled Jeffrey Denner on that long ago, Google Boston Bob + ACLU + Proskauer Rose + Derrick Gillenwater. In point of fact I have already removed material as a favor to people who were afraid of government retribution, so as a former government attorney I'm saying enough is enough.... especially until I am comfortable that the same courthouse will stop making a mockery of Justice in Daralyn Khan's case against eMusic CEO, Columbia Professor and International Felon Adam Klein.

And let me say this for the record: Nobody tells me what to write, and nobody controls what I write. Not Mr. Korff, not Ms. Khan, not Mr. Rabinowitz, nobody. When I get up in the morning I decide what I am going to do and how I am going to do it, because I am an American, dammit. Some of what I write about is already present on other web pages for that matter, but I think what is really getting under some folks' skin is that I do it just a bit better than those other cites, and very important people read my journals. Well hey, that's the nature of the First Amendment, the last time I checked.

Enjoy the related videos, they are quite, ummm... titillating.

Bonus round: Remember John Buonomo? I do, hahahahaaa...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

KingCast presents: More cheap fun with the Canon SX20 IS at Copley Square.

I posted this once before, great stuff perfect light that day I was late somewhere but no way could I  pass on this. It's only got a little contrast work on it and a touch of saturation, I was standing at Kinko's, more accurately sitting on the 650R, seen here in quiet repose at the NH Supreme Court. Dig the gargoyles they are hootlarious. 

Now Trinity Church my housemate tells me, drills its own water, nice and green. Meanwhile NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte blew it when she could have filed a ready-made amicus brief in Mass v. EPA, 127 U.S. 1438 (2007), yet some people question me for questioning her, what a bunch of idiots. Her own damn Senior Attorney said she should have signed on read the emails you will see only here at

KingCast artist moment with the Canon SX20 IS and a MacBook Unibody.

I took this picture with what is a fairly simple camera a maximum zoom at 560, I think I was standing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Then I hooked it up a bit with some simple tools that come in the free package at iPhoto and came out with something that is pretty trippy. Some people are always reaching for the latest and greatest and the fancy schmantzy, which is All Good, but don't forget where you come from. What a fun pic, it's all neo-nostalgia and stuff, makes me laugh, hahaha.

Note: This looks much better over at Chris King's First Amendment Page with it's grey and goldenrod colour scheme.

Kelly Ayotte's buddy Joe Arpaio tagged for $30K in False Arrest case, this is how both of them operate to slam open press and political dissent.

Feathered Bastard Stephen Lemons from the Phoenix New Times is all over the Elaine Sanchez story.  But that's how Arpaio and Ayotte do their thing, just slam folks who get in their way. NH AG cum Senator Kelly Ayotte even had the thugs at the Nashua Police Department run me out of the entire Crowne Plaza building, which prompted NH District Court Judge Paul Barbadoro to allow me to file a Second Amended Complaint in NH Dist. Ct. 2010-CV-501.

Related : The Kelly Ayotte/GOP/Joe Arpaio "Steak Out" video:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

KingCast says a belated, "Goodnight, Mr. Broder."

Put simply, he was The Man. Growing up it was all about Mike Royko and David Broder. I actually had a picture of Mike Royko on my dorm room wall, just a bit down from one Deborah Harry. I never had a chance to speak with or to meet Mr. Broder but I will never forget getting that call from Mike Royko's office.... "Hello... is this Attorney King.... This is Mike Royko's office, do you have a moment...."

I thought it was Cousin Mike. "Who put you up to this, was it Wilbon?"

"I'm sorry Mr. King, Mr. Wilbon does not work here.... we want to do a story on the Tattoo cases....."

"Oh, My Bad.... well what do you need to know, it's ridiculous...."
"We agree."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Video: NH US Trustee Protects JP Morgan, Florida's David Stern Pals at Harmon Law Office in Widow's Attempted Loan Mod/Foreclosure case.
Mortgage Movies Surefire Home Question U.S. Trustees on B10 Mortgage Fraud Issues
Cross-Post: Implode-Explode, my nappy NH mortgage fallout brothers and sisters.

I walked into Judge Deasy's Courtroom Thursday just in time to hear U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski state for the record about widow Leslie Crepeau "Your Honor she even had a cohort running video on YouTube," as if I were the criminal instead of some of these real estate "professionals." Check my FOIA request to the U.S. Trustee, their attorney's response and my response back to them: I get the first 100 pages free so get on it, pal.
Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, a Cleveland Federal Jury finds Uri Gofman and Anthony Viola Guilty of Mortgage Fraud on $44M of fraudulent loans. I grew up in a beautiful Cleveland Heights neighborhood so I hate pigs like that, and I hate irresponsible government officials who point a finger at me instead of investigating potentially fraudulent proof of claims on Bankruptcy matters.

A new Mortgage Movies video uploading for 7p delivery, give or take. Mass AG Martha Coakley is investigating and the U.S. Department of Justice is reading KingCast and Mortgage Movies Journal. Also back in the Day.... my sources indicate that Harmon Law Offices may have had a questionable alliance with a mortgage auctioneer....  

"When I telephoned Harmon Law Offices someone answered,"Commonwealth Auctioneers...."

I will be in touch with Roddy, Klein & Ryan who has sued HLO several times, read this brilliant coverage by Julia Reischel as it appears in Mass Lawyers Weekly.


And last but not least, Massachusetts Class Action suit continues with Harmon Law Office as a Defendant in the wake of Ibanez. Query, may Widow Crepeau, the subject of this movie, join in from NH? Do her facts line up? Time will tell.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

KingCast and Bunker Hill Community College welcome Rubin Hurricane Carter for a Compelling Conversation, 24 March 2011.


Time-Out from politics and law as KingCast presents: Dog Day Afternoon Redux.

Or, alternatively, "Good Afternoon your Dogship!"
Why must he be like that..... why must he.... chase the cat.
Anyway there is video when I get around to it, I will use the video to find the guy though, I remember it being a commercial vehicle from when we were chatting up at the light over in Bunker Hill for a bit, he will get a laugh of out this :)

Here is Dog Day afternoon in the first part.