Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hey KingCast what is your most-viewed video on the Kelly Ayotte Franconia shooting coverup?

Update: Actually it is really "Liko Kenney in the pre Bruce McKay era," with 12,700 views.... I hosted that over at Franconia511 Channel before I had my own YouTube account. Accuracy in journalism is always crucial.

.....Simple. It's not even really a movie per se, it is just a simple slide presentation I made waaaay back on 8 Nov. 2009 largely using then AG Kelly Ayotte's own pictures along with those gleaned from RSA 91-A Requests propounded to the NH Department of Safety and a few I took myself, most notably those of Greg Floyd lunging at me with a deadly weapon, attacking Sgt. Brett Beausoleil (Floyd said Beausoleil and the Kenny family were running drugs together) and then being forcibly restrained against an elevator. The last picture is really of Pulitzer dimension, wish I had a stronger camera at the time but it's still All Good. It is best viewed in this journal entry.

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