Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Justice for Kids, Columbus Free Press/Bob Fitrakis and KingCast take to the mic on WTVN tomorrow as NCLB Fraud is exposed.

Read here for your back story, be certain to check out the last link to the Project on Government Oversight as folks down in DeKalb GA and all over America are watching this unfold. Wherever you are reading this, the fraud is probably having an impact on you or someone you know, it is that pervasive. 

Even conservative WTVN talk show host Dirk Thompson agrees that Columbus School Board is allowing for No Child Left Behind Fraud that is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars and undermining the integrity of the entire School Board. Here is his 27 Feb 2011 podcast on the matter. There are problems even now as the Auditing Officials begin to look into the blanket purchase orders and illegal head hunters who have been used as marketing and recruiting agents for some of these NCLB scammers: The problem is that this very office told my associates at and over at Columbus Free Press (extensive story) just last fall that everything was okay. The problem is that this very office had previously told them that they were not allowed to issue any more complaints.

Watch now as it unfolds during tomorrow's show at 2pm that I will capture from my office for immediate publication. Folks are going to start circling the wagons and watching for Federal intervention and criminal complaints, I know of at least one local criminal complaint that got swept under the rug quite recently, that is all I will say at this point. Of course the last time School Board Protester Jerry Doyle spoke up on Bob Connors' WTVN show he got thrown in the hole and denied medical treatment, lost a leg to diabetes, and Judge Pollitt ordered it, yesssir.

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