Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KingCast explains why Senator Kelly Ayotte has a vendetta against him.

The gawl-dang NH Right-to-Know Annual Report was like, you know whatcha' call that.... Statutorily-mandated, yah, that's the ticket.... and under Kelly it just didn't happen. But this my friends is how she operates on RSA 91-A issues and I've shown that, empirically. It's totally jacked-up, really.

KingCast: It's All Good.

PS: Relative to the above four pics, look how Kelly wrote me in 2007 and sidestepped the thoroughly Unconstitutional Free Speech restrictions at Nashua, NH School Board meetings.... only to see Alderman Fred Teeboom and Yours Truly change law and policy policy after that idiot Julia Earl (Nashua Telegraph: "How we broke the Julia Earl story") had knackered everything up.

PPS: A note from Ralph Holder, Kelly Ayotte hates him too, she and her buddies like Stephen Monier tried to wreck his life, the guy has a high level security clearance as a Senior Passport Inspector for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ralph Holder

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I am asking the FBI to investigate Senator Ayotte's involvement in the First Amendment retaliatory arrest I suffered in 2007 for opposing the State's court's denial of my son's right to attend public school in NH because of his race and color and whether NH U.S. District Court federal judges Paul Barbadoro, Joseph DiClerico and Joseph LaPlante fixed my civil rights cases to conceal and retaliate against me for exposing the state court's federal civil rights violation.

Ralph Holder

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