Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, March 5, 2011

KingCast sees Kelly Ayotte supporter Bill Christy cry to YouTube again: "I don't want anyone to know I called Chris King a nigger and a motherfucker."

Update to Sarah Richard: This time the request came from Jon Christy, Bill Christy's son, as he apparently is not aware of the general principles of Res Judicata. Jon, this issue has already been reviewed. Also your daddy called me "duplicitous cunt," being ignorant, bigoted, racist and sexist all at once. The apple fell straight from the tree I see.  

Note: Lower Slower Delaware is Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project. I accidentally voted no.

5 March 2011:

Re: Bill Christy’s request to have YouTube remove the fact that he called me a nigger and a motherfucker.

Dear YouTube Officials: (The so-called complaint is in the comments)

I wrote you about this situation involving Internet Troll Bill Christy 13 months ago in this post:

KingCast writes Blogger and YouTube officials: Please provide your opinion on the issue of Hyperlinking, criticism, Fair Use and IP Infringement.

.....and in the potty-mouth post:

And I told Bill Christy six months ago:

Bottom line Billy Boy: You've got my address. If you say that's not your voice in the video, then bring a case and you can walk your dumb ass into Court and you can say that Under Oath, then I will produce the phone records and the sim card from my camera that documented the upload when I shot the video. Then I will know your real identity, you'll have to come out from under that white sheet. Come on man, don't be scared.... nothing to worry about because you're telling the Truth, right? Put up or shut up.

Bill Christy called me on my own telephone and called me a “motherfucker” and I have the phone bill to prove it and he knows it. Bill Christy, while posing as a former Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Military, also claimed that Al Sharpton and I were both “niggers.”

Click the thumbnails to see where these idiots saw no problem with Bill Christy committing what was at the time a Federal Offense.

He publicly wrote that I could not please my girlfriend because she stated she had a bisexual encounter.

He publicly wrote: I am 5'11" and weight 185 pounds and I could kick you(sic) ignorant little black ghetto ass any day of the week and not even break a sweat.

And he did it in a forum designed to address the concerns of a dead child:
Bill Christy is a man who interjected himself into my life, unsolicited, claiming to be a supporter of the Franconia Collective, an association of people who support open government relative to a certain double homicide in Franconia, New Hampshire. After substantial review he wrote the bulk of a memorandum entitled “Try Gregory Floyd for murder” that I edited (I have the emails to prove this) and then he wrote that he “would have shot Corporal Bruce McKay as well.”

He then flip-flopped and claimed to have written a Massachusetts Senator about me while I had pending legislation written through his office to protect people who live in underinspected buildings. He publicly and falsely claimed that I criminally threatened him and people such as the other idiot referenced in the video Ditmar Kopf (who also interjected himself into the Collective, unsolicited then lied about how his money was spent but I had a witness so he had to shut up) yet never once brought a charge even though I told him to "get on with it."

He has followed me around on the internet for the better part of 4 years now, claiming I was not a former Assistant Attorney General, claiming I was a victim of child abuse, that I was a psychopath and other nasty and false things. He and a gaggle of idiots opened and maintained a Topix site entitled “King Bash Here,” and several other similar threads with the sole purpose in mind of calling my credibility as a journalist into question, and talking about my testicles, which allegedly had not descended. He and his friends had little pet names for me including Tar Baby, Eunie (Eunuch) and many others.

Last month the New England News and Press Association (NENPA) invited me as a panelist at their 2001 Annual Winter Conference. I make corporate video and write for a local Boston Newspaper where I may mention this issue if I feel like it because virulent racism and hatred like this, coupled with posing as a military officer while internet stalking someone is newsworthy:

You heard me correctly: Bill Christy repeatedly lied to me when I asked him whether he was really a JAG or not, and his buddies all knew he was lying and admitted it.

A movie is in development that is a screenplay adaptation of Casey Sherman’s book “Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains.” Sherman credits Officer Bradford Whipple and me as “two men who refused to let this case die” and further credits me for obtaining a video – through my own litigation – of McKay’s rough arrest and OC Spray of a young woman. In video he cites me first after his family as someone who helped make the book possible by providing him documents “when the trail grew cold.” 

Among private citizens who have never been law enforcement it is possible that no one knows more about this case than me. Please review two recent KingCast short films to Producer Dorothy Aufiero:

F-Bombs Away! Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and the Fighter KO the comp at 2011 Oscars

KingCast brings Dorothy Aufiero and Moody Street Pictures to Franconia

In sum, Bill Christy is a man who identified himself publicly under his name, and he robustly criticized me and arguably defamed me for years and personally telephoned me to call me a motherfucker and wrote that I am a nigger, now he wants to remove any and all evidentiary trials, and he is particularly pained now that a former custodial child of his who lives right down the street from me in Boston notified me that Bill Christy slept with his mother while she was still married and was an abusive man.

He has no basis for asking you to remove this video whatsoever.

I look forward to your review and a dismissal of his complaint, perhaps next time he will keep his stupid mouth shut. Or in his own words that he uses when he’s not trying to suck up to you, “Fuck this motherfucker.”

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.


  1. YouTube Support to me
    show details 12:56 AM (7 hours ago)
    Dear KingCast65, This is to notify you that we have received a privacy
    complaint from an individual regarding your content:
    ------------------------------------------------------------- Video URLs:
    The information reported as violating privacy is at 0:04
    ------------------------------------------------------------- We would
    like to give you an opportunity to review the content in question and remove any personal information that may be used to uniquely identify or contact the complainant. You have 48 hours to take action on the complaint. If you remove the alleged violation from the site within the 48 hours, the complaint filed will then be closed. If the potential privacy violation remains on the site after 48 hours, the complaint will be reviewed by the YouTube Team and may be removed pursuant to our Privacy Guidelines (

    For content to be considered for removal, an individual must be uniquely identifiable by
    image, voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g., home address, email address). Examples that would not violate our privacy guidelines include gamer tags, avatar names, and address information in which the individual is not named. We also take public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation. If the alleged violation is located within the video itself, you may have to remove the
    video completely. If someone's full name or other personal information is listed within the title, description, or tags of your video, you can edit
    this by going to My Videos and clicking the Edit button on the reported video. Making a video private is not an appropriate method of editing, as the status can be changed from private to public at any time.

    Because they can be turned off at any time, annotations are also not considered an acceptable solution. We're committed to protecting our users and hope you understand the importance of respecting others' privacy. When uploading videos in the future, please remember not to post someone else's image or personal information without their consent. For more information, please review our Privacy Guidelines,

    The YouTube Team

  2. from Christopher King
    to YouTube Support ,
    Christopher King
    date Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 8:49 AM
    subject Re: [#774830570] YouTube Support
    hide details 8:49 AM (1 minute ago)

    Dear YouTube Support and Reviewing Staff:

    In the infamous words of John McEnroe: He cannot be serious!

    The Complaint is baseless for the reasons noted below.

    Re: Bill Christy’s request to have YouTube remove the fact that he called me a nigger and a motherfucker.

  3. Oh, and as to the Bill Christy Project, Bill Christy has publicly identified himself as being leader of that project and some of his criticisms of me came from Topix Board postings in which the Bill Christy Project was identified.

    Thank you.

  4. Also Jon Christy I told your buddy Sarah about you and your pappy and I notified FB that you are setting about the same sorry-assed path led by your father, and you seem to think it's okay that he lied about being a JAG Officer.

    God Bless America, somebody better bless this country with people like you running around.

    Yer pappy said what he said and if you and he were true men you would have no problem standing behind it instead of trying to hide it.

    Later Hater, you've just been Kingcasted.

  5. Hey Bill or whomever it was,

    You can feel free to repost your drivel from the temporary post I put up earlier today.

    So you tracked my IP addy too, so what. The point about me tracking yours is that you can't stay from up off this here journal, trying to retract your words of hate, whereas I don't give a rat's ass about you and I don't have to retract or hide a single damn thing I have ever said.

    Now let me teach YOU about being a man because obviously when the chips are down and your back is up against the wall you have no clue.

    Later son.

    PS: The Chris King identified in one of your comments however, is the wrong Chris King, so there you go, stupid is as stupid does.

    Howie Carr made that same mistake and got sued, look it up right here on this journal page, fool.

  6. Oh yah you stupid knob jockey, the people you cited as pulling away from me, most of them are not even on FB, but guess who ARE my friends on FB?

    Liko's friends.


    As to Casey de-friending me on FB that's political mate. The former cop and the former practicing attorney disagree with the writer on a police legal matter. Who has more credibility I wonder.

    And that's not for you to know because you've never been a cop or a lawyer, you're a goddamn welder, no crime in that but it doesn't qualify you to discuss what we're discussing on our level.

    Later hater.