Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KingCast shows how WMUR keeps video of people they don't like while burying videos of people they protect, like Senator Kelly Ayotte's hero Greg Floyd.

Top photo, streetside photos of Floyd family and KingCast with Casey Sherman are courtesy M deRham, screen caps I forget where I made them because the underlying video was removed; bottom pic Littleton Courier.
Fact: As noted in this week's Rubin Hurricane Carter video, waaaaay back in 2005 then NH AG Kelly Ayotte and a jackass cop named Marty Dunn got me indicted for being a vigorous Civil Rights advocate as NAACP Legal Chair. even though my conduct was well within Constitutionally-protected activity. What's a one year license suspension you have convicted and disbarred white guys (Michael McLaughlin) now of counsel with Shaheen and Gordon... who in turn represented Greg Floyd for a while before my journals and a few other diligent Fourth Estate practitioners exposed the fact that he's a complete liar anyway hahahaa... Now as to the Floyd/McLaughlin/Shaheen & Gordon connections, I guess birds of a feather.....

Anywhoozer, I had asked to speak to the Grand Jury and got shot down, facilitating another waste of NH tax dollars. The related cases were a complete travesty of Justice and all charges were dismissed.

But guess what. The video is still maintained on WMUR, (update, it is hung up now but I watched it not long ago) even though the NAACP lied Under Oath and even though the jointly-owned Union Leader racist editorial "Shaking down the master" by jackass Joe McQuaid was pulled from the Internet after I kicked Kelly Ayotte's royal arse and Prosecutor Bill Albrecht resigned amidst an ethics scandal, but not before I captured it, hahahaaa.... I will laugh right in your face every day you dirty rotten bastards. Hahahaaa.....

And guess what else: The video of Liko Kenney's murderer (IMO) Greg Floyd has been removed, as noted in this 30 December 2010 journal entry. But Floyd's video was from 15 April, 2008 -- four whole years AFTER mine, and I know what happened because I was there, as clearly seen, hahahaaa.... Yeah, I've got their number, and that's why they can't stand me and don't even allow me to post anything online, same as those douchebags at Wikipedia, they can all go to hell, and so can anyone who tolerates that sort of mentality and I don't care if you're a black owner of a local pirate radio station or anybody, all of you can go to hell hahahaaaa.....

Related: The Look. Yah you lookin' at me Adam Harding, well I'm looking right back atcha' my friend. Just a guy with a house negro education with a field negro mentality. You tools of oppression don't own me and you never will :)

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