Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, March 7, 2011

Racism on the Internet alive and well as KingCast watches NENPA meet Niggermania and whoa is owner Tom Shelly really a cuckold???

Update: Is Niggermania owner Tom Shelly really a cuckold? The Weekend Web/Something Awful says so, and so does these people at the YouTube vid thumbnailed at top:

jamesriske aka Muh-Graff aka Tom Shelly of niggermania is Mr Thomas William Falater (DOB 08/31/1961), currently living in CA, San Diego County. He is a known pedophile and inter-species cuckold.

Xuxalina1 1 year ago 16 

Download Politics says Tom Shelly the Cuckold.....  Of course he is.

have you filed suit Tom? Hahahahaaa... LOL dude. Just for that I'm putting my movie back up in this post at bottom. Bottom of the post Tom, not your wife's hahahaaa... OMG I am laughing so flippin' hard I can't even write this hahahaa...... Anyway this brother skisgy had some interesting thoughts on the matter in his YouTube video.

First we had Bill Christy of the Bill Christy Project and his son Jon try to defend daddy as a Kelly Ayotte supporter when he falsely represented that he was a JAG Attorney and called me a nigger and a motherfucker and falsely accused me of criminal threats. It's pretty wild stuff, heck I'm just Your Humble Narrator..... 

Now we have this from the 16 Nov. 2010 post:

Niggermania supports Tea Party U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte; Veterans support KingCast, Free Press.


Tom Shelly said...
Don't try to ride the coattails of niggermania for your own benefit. You need to make a name for yourself. Don't steal it from a successful blog like niggermania. You think being another "King" is enough to be famous? No wonder you got thrown out of law school and moved to New Hampshire. They probably don't want you there either. pffffft.
Christopher King said...
Oh you dumb ass nobody threw me out of law school, I graduated from a U.S. top 50 law school and was a State Assistant Attorney General before successfully suing the state and representing police officers after I left the AG's office. As to whether or not niggermania is a successful blog if you like it, then it is successful, I've been too busy being a guest speaker at the New England News and Press Association 2011 Annual Conference. Later dude.
 Christopher King said...
Hey bro thanks for the inspiration, you've made the front page. Thanks to Good White Folk like you KingCast is sure to be a success. Now run along now there are rules about fraternizing with the colored help.
10:39 AM
CORRECTION: Apparently those rules have been relaxed....


  1. Hi Bill I see you've been reading along again, how did you like the letter from NENPA, remember how you said you were going to have my standing with them revoked?

    Yah I got that comment saved MF (My Friend).

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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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    7th March 2011 14:09:42 Exit Link

    7th March 2011 14:23:07 Page View No referring link

    7th March 2011 14:24:41 Exit Link

  2. Success of “N***ermania”???? Are you kidding? Well, I guess if there is an audience, then there is some form of success. But if someone is brain dead living off of a machine in an ICU, is there still life, or is it a false sense of life that is promoted through the machinery? That is what “N***” is, it is a false statement of intelligence under the self-proclamation of what, I am not sure….. I looked at the website today, after hearing so much about it through kingcast. I have to admit, the contents in my stomach reversed through my esophagus and I had to force them back down. I, myself, tend to be a bit of a “shock-jock”, but this went beyond shock, it is a truly appalling website – you have your right to freedom of speech, but you also have a right to an education, and I suggest that you go and get re-educated, whether it be a university or the streets, (cause where I’m from, the streets will definitely teach you a thing or two about the other side of ignorance being bliss) and that kind of blatant disregard for your fellow man is NOT acceptable…. Good luck with your life in ignorance “N***” bloggers (Shelly I think) – I am extremely thankful that I do not have the honor of knowing you personally!

  3. 11:58


    Where these types of people get off I have no clue. I have a multicultural family and wouldn't want it any other way I'm not into the purity of any race but if you are then go ahead and do what you like but you only bash other people when you're sick in the head and disingenuous.


    Anyway the rest of this comment is to Mr. Bill:

    Hey Bill or whomever it was,

    You can feel free to repost your drivel from the temporary post I put up earlier today.

    So you tracked my IP addy too, so what. The point about me tracking yours is that you can't stay from up off this here journal, trying to retract your words of hate, whereas I don't give a rat's ass about you and I don't have to retract or hide a single damn thing I have ever said.

    Now let me teach YOU about being a man because obviously when the chips are down and your back is up against the wall you have no clue.

    Later son.

    PS: The Chris King identified in one of your comments however, is the wrong Chris King, so there you go, stupid is as stupid does.

    Howie Carr made that same mistake and got sued, look it up right here on this journal page, fool.