Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Attorneys Kacavas and Delaney: In light of American's mortgage crisis please provide advisory opinions on the media's right to video in public buildings ASAP, thank you.

In light of yesterday's 60 Minutes coverage of the imploding Mortgage industry I am respectfully requesting that each of you issue advisory opinions regarding the media and the public's right to video public officials in public buildings other than Federal Courthouses: The public employees at the U.S. Trustee's Office sure were upset that I am running video about pending foreclosure matters that may involve fraudulent B10 proof of claims by Harmon Law Office, a/k/a HLO. Recent video here. In point of fact they said I did not have permission to videotape the conversation, so I published only my half of the conversation. You may review that situation here at Mortgage Movies Journal.

I plan to continue my coverage as a former Assistant AG, former licensed title insurance producer (in NH no less), an American Citizen and as an investigative journalist with an even better camera in the coming weeks, months and years, one such as the Canon 60D seen in the picture. You see I believe that the American Public needs to see what is going on in 1080p resolution at 24fps so that all of our government's actions in protecting us are clearly shown, and as vigorous proponents of open and responsible government I am quite certain that both of you support my efforts so I look forward to prompt responses from both of you. Lastly Attorney Delaney, as to the Ralph Holder documents I'll be up to review those soon, you have my old address on file so I did not receive notice they were ready to review until last week. 

cc: My Nashua friend Mike Gannon (Dvorak Uncensored KingCast coverage)

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  1. Note: A Canon 60D will of course render video good enough to be shown on a Big Screen.

    If you think I'm buying one just for better Internet resolution you would be sadly mistaken.


    -The KingCaster.