Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kelly Ayotte's dirtbag friend Joe Arpaio fires his former cronies and has protester beat down by the police, same mentality here in NH by Nashua PD, GOP and Senator Ayotte.

My buddy Dennis Gilman reports: NEWS FLASH! Arpaio just fired Dave Hendershot and Larry Black. This is because these men are pretty much criminals but they are the kind of people that Senator Ayotte loves. See how her local cronies from her former law firm McLane, Graf have it all set up to defeat my Free Press lawsuit, as if my First Amendment Rights were not chilled by these cops. Read the Phoenix New Times feature and the Larry Black "Your Fired" letter as Joe tries to get out from under the heat his office is taking. The Judge in my case definitely should have recused herself or at least made me aware of the substantial contacts she has with the firm, as she worked with the assistant counsel under the lead defense counsel who also supervised Kelly Ayotte. One law student's professor definitely thought that was a no-no, read the comments here.

Bonus: The first Arizona Times coverage of the Kelly Ayotte beat down....

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