Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, April 8, 2011

Linda Green visits NH; KingCast tells Judge Diane Nicolosi and Attorney Shawn Masterson: If you don't make material changes in Jeanne Ingress' case I am reporting both of you for ethics violations.

For Hand Delivery to the Clerk of Courts and Judge Nicolosi's chambers via KingCast Courier service.

No wonder Shectman Halpern and Savage Attorney Shawn Masterson said "No Comment" when I cornered him in the Hillsborough South Superior Courthouse and asked him for a verified chain of custody for the note and mortgage hahahahaa.... I made sure to play it out in slow motion for you and I give him until close of business today to email me with his plan for candor or I am filing an ethics charge on him at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning and I would encourage Ms. Ingress to do the same. In fact anyone in NH with "Linda Green" DOX Document should file ethics charges against any and all attorneys and judges involved and cc me on it so I can start posting them. I can't wait to see Masterson in person again so I can flash the Linda Green note in his face and ask him for clarification hahahahahahahaaaaa...... But then again NH is so bass-ackwards they will probably make him a Bar Association President. What will Senator Kelly Ayotte do? Nothing, cover it up as she covered up the mortgage fraud I showed her back in '03.

KingCast cameras have done it again, and they will do it again and again and again until our government and lying, deceitful big banks, servicers and attorneys clean up their game. Go on Attorney Masterson, sue me for defamation so we can put the 60 Minutes "Linda Green" facts into the record. I'm in contact with Lynn Szymoniak so bring it on, mate. More:

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  1. Note that the letter actually has the wrong address.

    The folks at the post office told me it was 40 E. Spring, my phone was out of power so you know, I like, kind of assumed they knew.....

    In reality it is 30 E. Spring, though I am certain it will get there on Monday regardless.

    Sad part is, the post office is directly next door.

    I mean literally not even a stones throw away.

    How could they not know this?