Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, May 13, 2011

Is foreclosure king Thomas P. Dore involved in retaliatory and abusive criminal threats against Mortgage Movies associate Todd Wetzelberger of Surefire Home Retention?

There is much more on this later including documents upload but for right now know this:

To my knowledge Todd Wetzelberger ("Dubya") is not a criminal, yet he is being treated as if he is. Like me, he reports crimes involving mortgage fraud as do our other affiliates including financial planner Lamar Gunn and Attorney Lynn Szymoniak, whom you have undoubtedly seen on 60 Minutes as noted herein. And as noted in the above video, Dubya cornered Mr. Dore in court and made him admit that he has no firsthand knowledge of the events he uses in Court to obtain his foreclosures and evictions. That's a huge problem because along with the bogus robo signatures, it means that the foreclosures are illegal and arguably CRIMINAL.

So why then is Dubya receiving false Affidavits from Delaware law enforcement? He writes: 
They've now resorted to making up false affidavits claiming some "agent" for the attorney or bank (wasn't clear) visited the property and was threatened and no one was even at the property. My wife and I were at my daughter's spring program at her school when this person was allegedly threatened and there were about 60 witnesses there. (attached) 
He has countered with his own Affidavit and is seeking protection from the FBI.  Baltimore Sun writer Jamie Smith Hopkins telephoned him on Mother's Day but he was traveling and did not get to comment on this related news story but there will be more.

Similarly, there will be coverage of Mr. Gunn's case next door in Maryland, in which he lost his home to foreclosure even though he never missed a payment. There was a bogus claim brought against the property and he did not have borrower's insurance. The problem is Mr. Gunn has proof from a Bloomberg terminal that the prior mortgage was paid off.... and should have been recorded as such. This is about to get heavy; he's got proof of many more similar violations. What happened when he telephoned a lawyer involved at her publicly-listed contact number? She alleged that he was, you guessed it, a Dangerous Black Man. I've been there before, we are dangerous by our intellect only.

And I have had bogus criminal charges levied at me as well, by former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte, whom I am now suing in Federal Court for Free Press and racial violations, she's got a Judge who used to work for the same law firm she did, and under the same boss, issuing adverse rulings left and right, welcome to America the Home of the Brave. I will link the documents later today, frankly I am exhausted keeping up with this judicial and political violence against lawful American Citizens.

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