Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nashua Police thugs grab nuts and arrest indie journalist Dave Ridley at Joe Biden event; they no doubt hate his coverage of KingCast v. Ayotte, GOP and Nashua PD.

At the Ridley Report video I wrote: @lisapratt1 Why is this so familiar to me.... hahahaa..... Jesus, I am blogging this right now.

Now they can say "It's not racial Mr. King we hate anyone who questions authority."
But now DR has potentially a better lawsuit against them than mine because they actually ARRESTED him. Might have to draft a sample lawsuit for public inspection so folks can see the elements. Here is the latest Ridley Report coverage on my Free Press litigation against former AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte and her merry band of legal pranksters. He will be posting one more video any day now, as this seemingly unlawful arrest has naturally thrown him off course. Some of these LE exalt the total police state mentality above all else. Dave, sue the living snot out of them and I will cover every minute of it.

What's going to be interesting is whether Brian Cullen intentionally withholds evidence as he did up in Madison in Sam Bourne's case when Ridley sues Nashua PD for wrongful arrest. To hear him tell it, he was actually walking away from the event and they STILL arrested him. They started to do it to me as well when they drove me out of the entire Crowne Plaza, watch the videos.

Query, did VP Biden authorize this? His boss, what's his name... oh, President Barack Obama, born in Hawaii -- has no problem with me. And Biden himself gave me a hug and promised that public menaces like Kelly Ayotte's hero Greg Floyd would face the full measure of the law for continued 18 USC §922 infractions. Of course he lied about that, but whatever.

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  1. In response to "what are they feeding these guys, Brian?"



    Nice bit adding the Bourne case to the blog, except that it’s inaccurate and probably defamatory: despite Mr. Bourne’s conviction that there are additional documents, there actually aren’t any. Might note that while he won his land-use case in the superior court, he was denied attorney fees in the state case, which demonstrated that the court agreed the Town acted in good faith. That ruling was affirmed on appeal.

    I didn’t have any part in the land-use case, but have defended the town on four other actions brought by Mr. Bourne. We won summary judgment on all counts of his first federal case, won dismissal of his two subsequent state court actions, and have a pending motion to dismiss and application for fees in his latest federal court action. Several of these cases have included rulings confirming that there was no misconduct in the handling of the discovery and have rejected Mr. Bourne’s ongoing conspiracy claims.


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    Seems more like a can of hate to me.

    I have duly noted your response to both the Ridley post and to the Bourne post and will continue to do so each and every time I mention it, in the interests of fairness.

    As for NH (or any other courts) slamming Plaintiffs and not awarding attorney fees, welcome to the U.S.A. circa 2011........ the Judiciary is largely put there to help enforce the police state and to protect the government and far too often, big business.

    Enjoy the day Brian, I know it is a bit unusual to see that strange orangy orb in the sky, I heard it is called "the sun" or something or other.