Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, June 3, 2011

KingCast checking in with a writer from Reuters.

Things look so different from the ground floor at the level of the common folk when you break it right down, don't they? You see I was hanging out with this tennis-playing cool cat from Reuters who tells me that the most compelling story he is about to publish is the fact that dogs and cats actually drink the same way. Not that he personally finds that the most compelling story but hey we all know how fickle the American Public is. Then I shared with him a little bit about the Greg Floyd and the Kelly Ayotte Franconia coverup and my Free Press Lawsuit against her, the NH and Nashua GOP and Nashua PD as noted herein. Not to mention the Judicial Recusal Motion and other Kelly Ayotte backdoor deals the put children at risk.

I did tell him about Mortgage Movies but forgot to tell him about Indie Reporter Dave Ridley's wrongful arrest at the hands of same. Consider it done.

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