Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KingCast, Justice for Kids and Bob Fitrakis see Columbus Channels 4, 6, 10 report on NCLB fraud investigation under Superintendent Gene Harris.

My Comments:

Justiceforkids and KingCast have been partners for years, we're cool with Bob Fitrakis and CPS is fatally corrupt. Harris is now having to face the music but we have pounded on them for years, along the way she received a vote of no confidence, Google: 

Kilroy was Fitrakis' partner back in the Day before she sold out, I handed her ass to her when I was an AAG. Then when she was CPS Board President I won the bogus criminal trespass case for him when he protested financial malfeasance back in the '90's. My associates and I take Civil Rights and Justice very seriously, and we would rather go through some struggle and strife than to just sit here and take this crap that some government officials give us. If you have nothing positive to contribute to the Cause of Justice we will thank you kindly to get out of our way.

All True.
-Christopher King, J.D.

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