Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KingCast says to Kelly Ayotte on Bruce McKay and potential Domestic abuse: "It's abacus time!"

Dear Senator Ayotte:

Let's do the math, shall we: Here are the documents and facts that Wikipedia keeps trying to hide. In May of 2007 Courtney McKay was stated to be nine (9) years old. Bruce McKay's wife Angela filed for a TRO on or about 23 Jan 1998 and withdrew it immediately, probably because she realized that would take away the meal ticket quick fast and in a hurry because Bruce couldn't carry a gun at that point.  Angela was about 28 when Bruce was about 40, a nice authority figure in her life no doubt.  Anyway, she filed for a TRO and spent time in the safe house right about the time their daughter Courtney was born so it is entirely possible she was either knocked-up and in the safe house..... or nursing a newborn in the safe house, now there's an heroic image, right. Well which is it, Kelly... I'm sure you know, please enlighten us.

Scumbag either way. But Kelly you protect those kind of LE, don't you? Yes you do and Fred Hoysradt counted on it after he sexually assaulted reporter Elizabeth Dinan and you let him off Big Easy style. You got that Shreveport method going on. You newbies watch the  video, you'll catch on.

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