Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, June 3, 2011

KingCast warns Manchester, NH: Kelly Ayotte's lying, thieving and potentially murderous hero Greg Floyd is coming your way on Parole and he will "Send you home in a body bag."

Last time I checked, multiple Felon Greg Floyd is headed to Manchester, NH today. Quick hide the women and children. When you read the first link be sure to read some of Floyd's distinguished criminal dossier (click on "Ayotte tried to hide"). Did he repeatedly threaten innocent women, including a school administrator with "Careful.... I know the route you take home and if you're not careful they will take you home in a body bag?" Yes. I have seen the actual investigative documents and interviewed her. Did he threaten his innocent neighbor AJ Boisvert with a gun? Yes. Is he a thief and dealer of processed drugs? Yes. Was he charged not once but several times with physical crimes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire? Yes. Did he murder Liko Kenney and catch a pass in 24 hours by former NH AG cum U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte? IMO, yes.

Here's the opinion of the NH Parole Board:
Board members told him they could do nothing to prevent his release in June, nine months before his sentence is up. "It would be a different story if we could," board member Alan Coburn told him
KingCast note: Floyd is still in denial, claiming "I did two years for a misdemeanor" when really there were several reasons why he was doing time, including violation of pending orders of good behavior, etc. it's all catalogued in my journals and that's why Kelly Ayotte has a vendetta against me even though we are both former Assistant State AGs. Too bad, as I told Casey today "I don't give a shit.... the facts are the facts."
After the hearing, while awaiting the arrival of the next convict, Coburn remarked of Floyd, "He's a bully, and he's never going to change."

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