Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, June 26, 2011

KingCast/Mortgage Movies files Ethics Complaint against Judge Diane Nicolosi, Attorney Shawn Masterson, U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski, U.S. FOIA Attorney Larry Wahlquist.

1 July 2011 Update: Shechtman Halperin Law Firm must be my new BFF, judging by the amount of hits they put in on this journal entry. I can't wait to get to the post office over the weekend with the DVDs.... Honestly, to hell with these guys. The case law I cited clearly supports an ethics charge, particularly once Attorney Masterson opened his mouth and started testilying..... at this point if the do somehow bring up a wet ink note and mortgage I won't believe it until I have it sent to my forensic people. And believe me, I got forensic people. Happy 4th of July folks, get out from tyranny while you can.
This is serious business, as one can see by my 8 April, 2011 letter and warning to Judge Nicolosi and Attorney Masterson and the second of three Mortgage Movies/Rod Class videos from the Nation's Capital Capitol.

Re:            Unchecked presence of mortgage fraud in Ingress foreclosure 
                case, Hillsborough South Case No. 2010-CV-571:
Re:            Dereliction of Duty by U.S. Trustee Lawrence Sumski
       and Counsel Larry Wahlquist in Leslie Crepeau Bankruptcy Case:
Dear Attorney DeHart and any and all other reviewing counsel:

It has come to my attention that there is at least one fraudulent document in the above-referenced Ingress case, a purported assignment bearing the name “Linda Green.” Ms. Ingress has consistently mounted arguments that Wells Fargo and its servicers are not entitled to foreclose on her property for fraud and lack of standing. Courts all across America..... 

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