Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, June 30, 2011

McLane Graf supports racist and unethical conduct from Judges and NH AGs like Kelly Ayotte and Mike Delaney; three peas in a pod with disbarred DA Mike Nifong.

State v. Glenn and KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte et al show you all you really need to know, but of course there is so much more. Enjoy today's feature presentation that contains a segment from oral argument on the State v. Glenn matter, in which NH Supreme Court Justice Linda Dalianis wonders how many times the white lead witness can tell lies about the black male Defendant. Here are a couple of relevant links to aid your understanding.

What Justice Dalianis does not ask -- because it was not briefed by McLane, Graf Counsel as they provided Mr. Glenn Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and malpractice (IMO) -- is why the State intentionally withheld evidence that the slimeball Perjurer Joseph Salvatore had illegally shot off a gun the same caliber as the one that slain the victim. She does discuss the fact that Salvatore and/or the State lied about when he obtained his gun permit, but that's small 'taters next to the Real Deal.

"Doesn't there come a time when things get piled on and you say enough is enough this case cannot be tried?" Asked Her Honor -- paraphrase, exact quote later. Well yes, Your Honor there is indeed a time, and that time has come and gone. Even Mike Nifong would concur. But of course that's no news in New Hampshire because I told you back on 5 Nov. 2009 she should be disbarred for lying about Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd and Bruce Mckay, and earlier this month I paid a visit to her office to inquire about mortgage fraud but she doesn't care. Watch the video.

Malpractice: I know quite a bit about it. As Boston Bob I helped force Jeffrey Denner and Kevin Barron to settle Derrick Gillenwater's malpractice case -- after they got some crooked area Judges to deny Mr. Gillenwater's First Amendment Rights to talk about the case. I'll see you at trial, Mike... and don't get any harebrained ideas about trying to have me arrested as your boss Kelly Ayotte tried using the private property argument. The Courts are on public property, and when I see you I'm going to have more than a few questions coming your way. As to Mr. Glenn's counsel I expect to see his discovery file in short order given that he has signed a waiver. This abuse is going public right now.

And oh, also while we enjoy our time together at Hillsborough North do NOT have the Manchester Police arrest me and beat me up, that routine is getting old as well, and the City should be tired of the payouts.

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