Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Judge Paul Barbadoro tells KingCast: "I don't care how or why Magistrate Judge McCafferty recused herself on other cases while your TRO was being heard... you are not entitled to know anything... Your Motion is Denied!"

This morning's background post.
Basically that's what his Order says. It's wild out here, I just document it as your humble narrator and head toward SCOTUS. As I say, this journal is just one man's walk through the First Amendment. A man who has tried and won more First Amendment cases than he has lost, that is...... for the email to opposing counsel skip to the jump page...

Plaintiff's Motion for Reconsidertion -- 4p response requested.

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Good Day counselors,

I'm certain it won't take you long to deny the requested Assent so that I may file this Motion for Reconsideration today.

I don't know what kind of Alice in Wonderland World this case is living in, but we all know quite well that the relationship should have been disclosed, at a minimum.... and that His Honor's prophylactic and dismissive "utterly without merit" comment is in and of itself utterly without merit. Every day I am further amazed at how everything you learn in law school about ethics and propriety has absolutely nothing to do with the Real World, where power, prestige and undue influence rule the Day.

I look forward to the SCOTUS briefings.

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