Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"You're a YouTube Sensation!" KingCast see Nashua PD beat down, arrest and mace biker and activist Mike Gannon for no reason, then refuse to return his truck despite a Court Order.

Plaintiff's Third Amended Complaint:

Motion to file KingCast Senator Ayotte, GOP, Nashua PD Third Amended Complaint.
Mike Gannon, the biker and U.S. Army Veteran and who kicked Nashua PD's ass a few years ago when they arrested him on his front porch for no lawful reason, and who now has a 6 day-old Court Order to release his truck (being held for some nefarious, nebulous "Continuing investigation), got his ass beat in downtown Nashua yesterday in front of witnesses. They also took his camera as they stated:

"Mr. Gannon you're a YouTube Sensation."

.....Obviously referring to the KingCast and Dave Ridley videos containing Mr. Gannon's commentary and likeness, and my Motion to Supplement the Record in my case, supra. Mr. Gannon was simply walking his dog when a Nashua LE started shit talking from his patrol car, then he started harassing him so he kept the video running, then they beat him up and took his video camera. The did it with impunity because lawyers like Kelly Ayotte and Brian Cullen never check them on it. Remember how Nashua PD shot Michael Paulhus, destroyed evidence, violated Miranda Rights and posed as NH AGs? Well I do, and so too does forensic specialist Paul Erwin Kish, read his report.

As I noted when they attacked Dave Ridley, this is retaliatory First Amendment abuse of the highest order and it is going to be noted in my ongoing First Amendment Free Press racial lawsuit. I will tell Nashua PD right now: Tim Goulden and I are cool, and if you dare mess with me again I am going straight to him and you will face yet another lawsuit. And I am going to file another Motion to Supplement the Record (scroll down) and to the FBI now that we have a trifecta, KingCast, Ridley Report and Mike Gannon (again). As a former LE Attorney I say this with all the resolve at my command:

To hell with you pigs, honestly. You are ruining the name of responsible LE across the Country with your Unconstitutional stink. If you think Mike Gannon was a YouTube sensation already from the Ridley and Cody Eller videos, wait until I interview him, get his unlawfully-confiscated video and send my movie around the horn. Here is the new Cody Eller video from Bike Week, and I am telling Attorney Brian Cullen right now: "Get your men in line, Counselor... because I am here to open up a can of whup ass on you. This activity does not belong in a civilized society, and to the extent that you continue to cover for it, I hold you personally responsible."

To which the following colloquy ensued:

Brian Cullen to me
show details 8:48 AM (3 hours ago)
You are correct in one thing: I do not assent to your “motion to supplement the record.”  The sole issue before the court is whether the police may enforce the trespass statute.  Your ever-expanding conspiracy theory notwithstanding, the supplemental material you seek to put before the court has no bearing on that issue.

Christopher King to Brian
show details 9:14 AM (2 hours ago)
Oh I've got a lot of things right, and with direct comments about "YouTube" videos who needs theories when your clients give it up on a platter, the Motion to Supplement is now a Motion for Leave to file a Third Amemded Complaint.
Next time advise your clients to keep their hater mouths shut and you won't be in this predicament.
Happy Independence Day.
Christopher King to Brian
show details 10:12 AM (2 hours ago)
PS: When may I review the Gannon porch tapes?
RSA 91A coming on that.
Or in the alternative you can just turn them over to their rightful owner and I can just review them with him.
They call me the Pit Bull for a reason, you are only now beginning to learn why.
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Brian Cullen to me
show details 11:04 AM (1 hour ago)
I’m not convinced that the Gannon video is subject to 91A given that the recording violated the wiretap law at the time it was made.  That said, as you know (and have been the beneficiary of), the police currently do not generally bring charges under the statute as to audiotaping police conduct if the recording does not interfere with their ability to safely perform their duties or intrude on privacy rights of third persons.  As such, I will review the issue after the holiday weekend ends and expect to have a response by the end of the week.

Brian J.S. Cullen, Esq.
CullenCollimore pllc
10 East Pearl Street
Nashua, NH 03060

Christopher King to Brian
show details 12:01 PM (13 minutes ago)
I'm not convinced he violated the wiretap law in the first place. Just because Chief Heffernan said the signage wasn't conspicuous enough is not dispositive.

I will look forward to your response.

My Motion will be going out tomorrow.
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Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit

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  1. Nashua police reference KingCast videos as they beat biker activist Mike Gannon and steal his video. Again.
    Christopher King to EmilyHeil, Marta.Modiglia., ryan, vbarry, sberwick, michael.delaney, mike.delaney, reporter, Ripholden, HousePublicWor., david.cote, phil.preston, franpotter, robert.thompson, nancy_elliott, silvawards589, jeff, brownenh, rick.watrous, will.smith, grichardson, nixonraichelaw, rh.rowe, Ann.Rice, pmceachern, info
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    All I wanted to do was to enjoy a nice visit to Nashua for the Holiday as per my usual. But your client has materially changed all of that, to the worse:

    Let's get real. If Cody Eller had turned his car into a motorcycle cop he would have been charged with First Degree Assault from the get go. So for NH LE to take a piss on Mike Gannon is deplorable, and given the dumb-assed comment "You're an Internet Sensation" you better believe I am filing a Motion to Supplement the Record and I may not wait for your Assent because

    a) You will deny it.
    b) More importantly, this is an exigent circumstance. I am in Nashua all the time with my camera and may be visiting Mike Gannon before you can respond. I want it in the record immediately that I feel threatened because of this activity.

    The hits (literally) keep coming.

    Now they hate Mike Gannon in part because of his role in my video about Cody Eller, but riddle me this batman:

    If Cody Eller had run into a motorcycle cop like that he definitely would have been facing 1st Degree Assault, and there is nothing in my book that makes a cop or their attorneys lives any more precious than anyone elses.... and I say this as a former Law Enforcement attorney!

    02 JULY 2011

    "You're a YouTube Sensation!" KingCast see Nashua PD beat down, arrest and mace biker and activist Mike Gannon for no reason, then refuse to return his truck despite a Court Order.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit