Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Friday, August 5, 2011

FBI reading KingCast journal on Nashua PD Civil Rights violations as Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds prepare for 9 August 2011 Court date.

An instant classic: The fact that I am of course video recording all of it is the Marshall McLuhan part.

Here is a recent phone call with Nashua PD (video coming shortly for now watch Pam Reynolds) in which there is the typical buck passing regarding my public information requests. No worries, we will be in court on those shortly. It is my job, inter alia, to make the FBI fully cognizant of the fact that the Nashua PD refuse to provide Mr. Gannon with his 2006 porch tapes because they illegally entered his home on video and worse yet, stuck a loaded police-issue shotgun inches from his chin. When he took it from them owing to his military training and self-defense instincts there was a moment there where folks could have died. It was embarrassing and to this day the Nashua PD hate him for it and that is why the started trash talking him on 1 July 2011 then took him down, beat him and maced both him and Mr. Reynolds. Ms. Reynold's attorney Steve Maynard is disgusted by it, and unlike many a punk attorney in New Hampshire (you know how you are, if you are offended I've hit my target), has fully consented to the use of his name on this journal.

Here are great links with relevant videos:
Pamela Reynolds and KingCast visit Boston FBI.
Mike Gannon and KingCast semper fi visit with Boston FBI.

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  1. FBI reading a lot of KingCast lately on Nashua PD Civil Rights violations

    Christopher King to EmilyHeil, Marta.Modiglia., ryan, vbarry, sberwick, michael.delaney, mike.delaney......

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    And this is hardly the whole of it. FBI is reading a whole lot of other things as well. Now I can't tell them what to do with this information, all I can do is make sure that they know it. It would certainly be appropriate of them to take action and go into a full investigation of Nashua PD with respect to these abuses.... detectives sua sponte trash-talking citizens, then tackling and macing them when they find out they're on video. What a bunch of fools, didn't the know Mr. Gannon always has video ready to deal with them?

    Of course they knew. They were just hoping they could get away with it.

    These guys wanted a fight, well dammit they're going to get one. I'll be at every Gannon/Reynolds hearing with my Canon blazing, I'll have that big bad 60D fired up soon to make it good enough for Blue Ray and Big Screen.... And I can't wait to sue them for that Gannon video, just counting the days. And don't let them not have a copy of my complaint. I'll pull a Declaratory Judgment on that from the get go.

    And don't let them actually have it, because it alleged the same illegalities witnessed by Michael Gannon in 2006 (minus the shotgun to the face), ahem.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit

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    Oh, the video link for easy viewing: