Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, August 1, 2011

Abusive foeclosure mill Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg in big trouble with NJ Bar Ethics Complaint: One Gateway security Chief calls KingCast/Mortgage Movies about their abusive police call.

Here is your background journal entry on these scheming foreclosure mill attorneys who were so afraid of KingCast/Mortgage Movies cameras that they gave us a bathroom key then called the cops and then ran off and hid from all of us last Friday like a bunch of punks. Witness the LE in the picture "We don't know what the fucking problem is because nobody's coming to the door." As I was just waking up I told Jim I would call him right back, and I shall. Then I will tell you what I said. Okay here is what is going on:

"I was just going through my notes here, my guys said the office people there were pretty rude...."

"That's putting it mildly. I can send you the video."

"Please do. In fact if you could send me a copy of that I would appreciate it, they are telling me they want to know why these people are upstairs, they had no idea.... blah blah blah...." 

Well that's bullshit. I successfully transmitted my Notice of Media Appearance to both of their orifices... err.... offices last week and now I am forwarding to the Security Director because I don't need him getting any shit from these stinking a-holes. Oh yah I'll break it down just like that because these guys can go straight to hell, they are fucking with an industry professional with a background as an LE Attorney, who also happened to work for a large daily and weekly newspaper before all of that. I'll mark this off as kill #1. Who's next, step right up for your can of celluloid whup-ass.

I am also uploading the movie again because I misspelled the firm's name the first time and I need SEO to do the Right Thing. I'm not playing with these people, if they want to smear consumers' names in the mud well they're going to get a taste of their own medicine... bring your Statutorily-required Show Cause materials to Court or be prepared for a smack down. Read this morning's email to the One Gateway Chief of Security below the fold, I ripped them a new one and an Ethics Complaint is coming to the NJ Bar.

Lying, scheming attorneys at Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg knew all about KingCast/Mortgage Movies.

Christopher King to jcatullo
show details 9:41 AM (1 minute ago) 
Dear Mr. Catullo:

Please see the four transmissions of the Notice of Media Appearance that were sent to both offices at Phelan on 27 July, 2011 -- two (2) full days before my appearance. I also found the hit the firm placed on my journal after that and am forwarding as screen capture attachment. I have a tracker and I know they are lying scumbags like many of the lawyers I dealt with over the past twenty years. The difference is now we have broadband and much more technology to keep them in check and turn the game around. 

As a matter of fact I am going to file an Ethics Complaint with the NJ Bar Association based on this conduct and forward it to attorney John Narkin who is suing them in a huge class action case.

Do NOT take any shit from these people because I know I won't. I hope you toss them out of One Gateway on their proverbial ear like they enjoy doing to homeowners who have been the victims of their scumbag practices and enforcement of exorbitant mortgage fees.

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