Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, August 8, 2011

KingCast and Charles Glenn (NH 2008-912) to file Ethics Complaints against liar lawyer Ghazi D. Al-Maryati.

8 August 2011 update:
Read the email chain between Attorney Al-Marayati and Yours Truly right here. Charles Glenn and I conducted another phone interview that is definitely going to YouTube today. He told me that Attorney  Al-Marayati told him that there was no ethical obligation from me to Mr. Glenn, which is incorrect: I owe him all of the ethical responsibilities of an investigative journalist.

Next he told Mr. Glenn that I was a criminal and had pending legal issues. Well he is a lying scumbag attorney who deserved to be fired and I am going to issue an ethics complaint on him as will Mr. Glenn, who told him orally and in written communications to hand over the discovery file to me: I am most definitely not a criminal. Show me a conviction, you punk: Kelly Ayotte and her buddy Marty Dunn tried to make me into a criminal when I was NAACP Legal Chair and kicked both of their butts while Kelly violated the rules of Civil Procedure and that's a FACT.  And yes I do have pending legal issues such as the FBI complaints against your New Hampshire law enforcement pals such as Nashua PD, Kelly Ayotte and her successor Michael Delaney. Furthermore as the email chain expressly notes, Attorney  Al-Marayati promised me he would contact me on a date certain but never did --- most likely because he is protecting himself and his unethical friends who hid material facts about the case. Somebody needs to set him straight: I don't have criminal convictions, I report about crime. Simple:

And oh yeah, as to you and NH Bar Association President Jennifer Parent's buddy and erstwhile co-worker Kelly Ayotte, she's a liar as well. We already know about the NAACP debacle, but as you know she was found partially liable for the largest consumer fraud in NH history, the FRM Ponzi scam. You know she ignored my Ethics complaint about the douchebags who forged my name to a mortgage when I was a licensed title insurance producer, right? And you know that Parent and her boss and Kelly's former boss Jack Middleton and Magistrate McCafferty failed to advise me that McCafferty worked at McLane, Graf.... the very same firm who half-stepped when it came to filing a Motion for Prosecutorial Misconduct, leaving out the unlawful gunplay by the white, perjury prone "witness" in Charles Glenn's case. You guys are all buddy-buddy, especially against a couple of raisins in the sun like Mr. Glenn and me, but guess what? There is a record of your unprofessional conduct toward me, and regardless of Magistrate McCafferty's biased fact rulings in my pending Free Press/racial case against Kelly, we have established my demeanor through habit evidence. I'm no threat to anyone, except mentally. Keep up the lies, guys. And now you have the effin' nerve to call me a criminal? You can wait for your lawsuit too my friend.
And lastly Counselor don't even think of trying to get a bogus harassment charge against me for emailing you this update because I probably forgot more First Amendment law than you will ever know, and the applicable Statute has a mens rea element that cannot be met. I am not harassing you, I am informing you that you have breached your ethical duties to Charles Glenn and defamed me, and you are going to pay for it in as many legal ways as I can make you. Wait for it pal.

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Dear Attorney Al-Marayati:

I've had enough of you.

Wait for your ethics complaints to issue from Charles Glenn and from me.

That is all.
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