Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, September 8, 2011

KingCast (again) implores NH Hillsborough County Attorney Dennis Hogan to take action on the Cody Eller motorcycle road rage and Chris King mortgage forgery and wire fraud issues. This time he uses Facebook to help.

Sooooo........ what with Cody Eller's case overdue for a Grand Jury submission and my clear-cut forgery and wire fraud issues waaaay overdue for investigation I thought I would employ a little social media to get things fired up. Now as the FB entry notes I have more video of me re-filing the complaints. I may put up a movie on that later today, or I may not. Whatever the case, there will be some action on these items I can guarantee you that. It is a Civil Rights violation to fail to investigate a police complaint, BTW.

I encourage folks to contact Attorney Hogan's office 603.594.3255 or ping him up at his Facebook immediately regarding either of these matters because responsibility starts at the top and Justice Delayed... is Justice Denied. Unfortunately some of Attorney Hogan's buddies like Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen don't see it that way. They become hostile when confronted with the fact that a Federal Judge connected to Defendant Kelly Ayotte (who ignored the mortgage forgery and wire fraud 8 years ago) was forced to recuse herself in a Free Press lawsuit, and that she did so in a slippery manner with no formal written entry or Order. Off to SCOTUS we go! As Dennis will tell you, I'm not taking any prisoners (oh, prisoners... watch out he's advocating violence like a Dangerous Black Man) when it comes to the First Amendment and I don't hit women. Whether or not football field streaker Austin Hogan does is still out to the Jury.... or is it? I wonder what the status is of that case... I'll have to telephone Nashua PD today to find out. Never a dull moment at KingCast studios I say!

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