Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, September 12, 2011

POTUS gets a primer on NH Injustice and Columbus Public Schools NCLB Fraud with Gene Harris "No Confidence" Vote.

When I was a licensed, practicing attorney in Columbus, my answering machine (remember those?) at one point said:
"Hi. If you are black, a woman, poor, gay, handicapped or a white person without substantial financial means and living in Columbus, chances are that your Civil Rights are being violated right now, and you may not even know it. But thanks for calling me, because we'll set the record straight -- even if no one wants to admit it."
Read the OG post from June, 2006. I included the thumbnails so you can see where Giselle Johnson has been arguably unethical for quite some time. Stupidintendent Harris gave her carte blanche to oppress people, including clients of Yours Truly as I have documented in current video at You see this is some serious, serious business, especially because of the position that Giselle Johnson, Esq. held as I noted last week after my affiliates at JusticeforKids helped expose No Child Left Behind fraud. A whole lot of people love to trash talk me but I stand my ground, Canons in hand.
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    As I told you before, I am not here to mess around with you---same way my colleagues and I are not messing around with Columbus Public Schools.

    The dirt and injustice that NH pulled on Ralph Holder and the rest of us niggers is being watched as well, and the more you press, the more we press back. And you can threaten sanctions on me all you want to but you will never fade me out folks. There is a Higher Law than the Courts in which we are playing in right now, and I can guarantee you I'll be there for the Long Haul.

    Carry on, and get your popcorn ready for the second installment of Nigger Justice this evening.

    Christopher King, J.D. -- Reel News for Real People -- Documenting Deceit

  2. Barack Obama & POTUS staff reading KingCast, you liars are fucking toast.

    Christopher King to GENE, LOREN, dcarney, factline, customerrelati., garylbakerii, wilesmd, wshawnagibbs4c., hanifahk, stephgroce, carol, ramona_reyes13, prucker, ssebastian, bbush, orafern, truth
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    Oh, I'm not going to be polite and I'm not going to be nice. In point of fact I'm going to be downright nasty about it because you deserve nothing less.
    POTUS is back at KingCast, reading more about dirty Columbus, Ohio school board issues and the unprecedented Gene Harris "No Confidence" Vote.

    All the fucking bullshit you put me through, with your henchman Louis Alcalde, Esq. thumping me in the chest and trying to goad me into a fight while the Columbus Bar Association looked the other way, unfair sanctions from Judge Sargus in the Christian Minnis/Revieta Lampley case... all of it. Judge Politt locking Jerry Doyle up for disrupting a meeting and then he loses his goddamn leg because of negligent medical care? You tried to keep my people and me down for so long but now it's coming out in the wash.

    And why did JusticeforKids' Kennedy Kent have to file a goddamn Mandamus Action to admit her nephew into school when he resides in her home? So you could deny entry and send the children into the charter school cash cow program with al of the bulk purchase orders?

    You assholes have been hurting children for years and years with no recompense. Fuck you. And I mean that with all of my heart.