Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nationstar Mortgage Attorneys avoid a KingCast/Mortgage Movies Courthouse Cannon shot; they have defied a Court Order to produce original docs yet still foreclosed on Marie Miller.

6:30p update 2 Sept. 2011:  I just rode back and having dinner and a beer. It is great riding weather, fall in NE is the best! Video of related discussion on our way to the would-be hearing will surface by Sunday morning at the latest. For now read the summation from my ever-capable admin. Basically Judge Tucker, who had recused himself came up again in the rotation and could not preside and Judge Wageling was not available. No future date was available at this time. I think Judge Wageling was involved in the case earlier, I'll have to check into that. Now exactly why there is no software or other monitoring in place to check this I cannot say. What I can say is that I'll be there whenever it all goes down, same thing I said just yesterday in the video I am wrapping for the State's nol-pross on the First Amendment video beat-down cases with Mike Gannon and Pamela Reynolds. The State put in the nol-pross before the Judge even took the Bench specifically to avoid being on YouTube. The power of the KingCast Canon has spoken, and it will continue to resonate in places the haters like least. That's why i'm here, duh.

Kelly you're a Senator, why do you allow this sort of thing to happen in your State, Home Girl? It looks like these guys are ready for the KingCast/Mortgage Movies Canon 60D 1080p treatment on Friday.... I'll pump them full of digital lead. You remember Marie Miller from one of my first Mortgage Movies relative to the Jeanne Ingress case where Ms. Miller stated at :20 (correctly IMO) "They never should have foreclosed without the wet ink note.... they are committing Fraud against us, Fraud upon the Court and Fraud all around."
Now as to the Ingress case she has filed a Motion to Quiet Title and Federal Complaint, and I am finally serving my Ethics Complaint to Schectman lawyer Shawn Masterson, who testilied (watch him and read the Complaint) to Judge Diane Nicolosi that he had seen the original documents. Here is the first round of nonsensical, obfuscatory and dilatory replies. I've been so busy I haven't got the verification pages sent out but they will go tomorrow after Pamela Reynolds First Amendment hearing in Nashua District Court, along with the Judicial Complaint against Nicolosi. I know Masterson is curious, he was snooping around in my journals yesterday.

PS: Today is a big day in Maryland as Anderson v. Burson is slated for Oral Argument, read my analysis and concerns here.

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