Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kelly Ayotte, Joe Arpaio and Mitt Romney all approve torture, as AG Kelly Ayotte routinely allowed bad cops to torture women and children.

Here is today's WMUR story, read more about Kelly Ayotte and Mitt Romney and their contempt for open media and free press right here, as Senator Ayotte gets all flustered by a little old lady asking about the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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  1. Thanks Chris. For the W.M.U.R. ABC-TV Channel 9 Manchester, N.H. story of Tue., Nov. 22nd '11 of: "The Senate resumes work on the defense bill next week. The White House has threatened a veto over provisions in the bill requiring military custody of terror suspects and limits on the transfer of detainees. Read more: " of to see what happens on this aspect, since here in New Hampshire our state statute on terrorism reads as follows per my May 28th, 2010 e-mail letter* to Chief Dean Crombie of the Somersworth, N.H. Police that what?, when WE charge and prosecute these N.H. home-grown terrorists of these public servants, that they get what? some special treatment of not having to pick crops on the local County Farm at the Jail but to count guns at their nearest National Guard brig where their buddies meet with "Uncle Sam" agents AGAINST us!?

    * "on October 25th, 2007 @ about 1:00 p.m. U.S. Marshals operating off their turf with one of our [Article 12] inhabitants, [ ] named: Daniel-John Riley, did with intent to cross the Somersworth-Berwick Bridge FROM N.H. TO Maine in violation of 18USC3232. [& The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, since preliminary hearings are a PART of the trial!] The mere thought of such with motion to act being in this case an RSA Ch. 633:1 Kidnapping because:
    "I. A person is guilty of kidnapping if he knowingly confines another under his control with a purpose to: ...
    (c) Terrorize***** him...; or
    (d) Commit an offense against him...
    II. Kidnapping is a class A felony unless the actor voluntarily releases the victim without serious bodily injury and in a safe place prior to trial, in which case it is a class B felony.
    Source. 1971, 518:1. 2001, 230:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2002."

    --***** Terrorize = "2. To coerce by intimidation" ["The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language" (c)1973 @ page 715.] To intimidate = "2. To discourage" (page 374); and discourage (p. 206) = "To...dis-hearten".

    --And so when the contract calls for the Feds to be in "Consent" with us, defined at page 154 to be in "agreement" (page 14) from the word agree meaning "2. To be in accord", and the word accord defined at page 5 as from the Latin word "accordare" meaning "to be heart-to-heart with". So when there is NO Consent, there is no heart, but this dis-hearten-ing, and so terrorism! by the Feds as militants, from the word militate meaning (page 448) "To have force as evidence", when the REAL evidence is Bill Gardner's gold-sealed certificate of Federal non-filing to RSA 123:1 that I had in my hand to give to the Clerk in open court" See: and U.S. Attorney Manual 664: plus a list for all the states over at Attorney Lowell "Larry" Bedcraft's website from Huntsville, Alabama regarding how each state's conditions are different.