Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, February 20, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies put together the pieces of the puzzle on why U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte is a bought-and-sold Goldman Sachs puppet on mortgages, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group.

Does anyone remember how I sent several Vericomm/MBF Leasing victims in NH to then-AG Kelly Ayotte's Office with their valid complaints that involved bait-and-switch, forgery, unconscionable rates, fraudulent inducment and fraud in the factum? Well in case you don't I preserved these matters for inspection, often with copies of the actual documents involved. This is the best example, showing how the scam works: Journal Entry 17 April 2007.

They fold over the top page of the lease and the merchant never really knows what they are signing up for. Merchant Point of Sale is an excellent resource and they report that the Chittur firm won a victory this year in that the subsequent pages of the lease are invalid.

The video above is from related ABC News coverage. And here is some courtroom footage from the case of Pludeman v. Northern Leasing, which is still forging ahead as a class action nightmare. As it turn out, these scumbags are basically white collar thieves, IMO, operating in concert with Kelly Ayotte campaign contributor Goldman Sachs! Read this November, 2010 Rip-Off Report very carefully. Now it all comes together rather nicely, doesn't it? Here is a September, 2006 Rip-Off Report on Vericomm for Good Measure.

No Building exist[s] within so-called moved location at 35 E Wacker place, Chicago Illinois after they had a run in with a State Representative, they also los[t] their lease for noon payment of over $401k in back rent at the 233 North Michigan Ave address which was pending in local district court currently.....

....They also have corporations under other names, are tied into banks, insurance companies all over the nation. And they were sued for the issue of consumer fraud in the state of New York and Missouri by the Attorney Generals within those states. All Better Business Bureaus have complains on file against them concerning the same complains and in Illinois alone they have a total of 760 filed to date (July 2010)

The game is moving these non-cancellable leasing into the hands of ICON Leasing Fund Eleven LLC which is a 35% owner of Northern Leasing and formed also 52.75% for which they have ownership interest in ICON Northern Leasing, LLC they in turn take the leases at and interest rate of 18% and then trade-in as credit derivatives using one company called Goldman Sachs.

These people make me so sick I could just barf. They -- and not the so-called "illegal aliens" are at the core of what is truly ripping America apart. Watch me question Kelly Ayotte's BFF Joe Arpaio on this in this movie. Sure some undocumented workers scam the system, that's undeniable. Some don't even come here to work but most do, and most of them work at jobs that most Americans won't. Furthermore, there are plenty of blue-collar Americans who scam the system as well, but the most damage by far is coming from the white collar sector.

Note the Kelly Ayotte allegiance to big banks as noted in the thumbnail here and in the "Goldman Sachs booed at NYC Freedom Fund Gala" journal entry, where she also acknowledges the fact that her office never investigated the forgery of my name to a mortgage. Not to mention the FRM Ponzi scam, yet another mortgage-related scam that Senator Ayotte allowed under her auspices -- it was the largest consumer fraud in NH history and the resigned chief NH Securities inspector Mark Connolly wrote a book about it after her alerts were deemed "faulty." Alerts? There are no alerts, this chick is in on the Game sure as I'm sitting here writing this journal entry. She and these banks represent the downfall of Western Civilization.

Meanwhile in Rhode Island at least Judge John J. McConnnell had the Good Sense and moral fiber to suspend the bogus, no-standing, illegally-securitized fraudclosure cases in his Jurisdiction, while Kelly Ayotte and NH Bankruptcy Trustee Lawrence Sumski allowed banks to run amok in Superior Court and in BK on the B10 claims. Sumski is Bad News.

Well KingCast, what if any of these losers sue you for Defamation?

Answer: I kind of hope they do. First of all, they will lose and they know it. But that way I could get more new courtroom video and coverage and help educate America as to what is really going on out here in 1080p clarity with the trusty Canon 60D + Canon EF 24-85 3.5-4.5 USM lens. I am absolutely loving this setup.

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