Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Monday, April 30, 2012

KingCast says Sunlight Foundation to review missing Senate Ethics Complaint against Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Tuesday 1 May 2012 update: I telephoned Ethics today, informed them I was taping and was told that there is nothing on file regarding my complaint. I must re-issue a complaint. I will, today. And then I will call them once every week until they beg for mercy. United States Citizens deserve more than this sort of outright malfeasance.

Final KingCast Ethics Complaint Against Senator Kelly Ayotte Chief of Staff John Easton as He Seeks Donatio...
Dear Sunlight Foundation:

I enjoyed listening to your commentary on this morning's NPR story on Mitt Romney's closed-book Big Money Bundlers campaign finance schemes. I have some things for your immediate consideration, chiefly my missing in action (MIA) Senate Ethics Complaint against Senator Kelly Ayotte, a woman certainly on Mitt Romney's short list for VP running mate. While the two of them are both horrible when it comes to open government and free press (read this), the direct point of inquiry involves my free press lawsuit against Kelly Ayotte, the NH GOP and Nashua PD, which his a horrible track record in terms of harassing people who run video of them. Just google Dave Ridley, Pamela Reynolds and Mike Gannon (links later I am on the run now but start with this one, it has all the links). Don't forget to read all about Kelly's connections with Goldman Sachs that make her ignore consumer fraud.

Now as to Senator Ayotte, she and her Chief of Staff John Easton lied while generating public donations to fight my lawsuit (KingCast v. Ayotte et al. 2010-CV-501) which stems from several denials of coverage and threats to have me arrested during her campaign run. There were public invites to the media, and of course I am media, as prior to law school I edited the Ohio Call & Post and reported for the Indianapolis Star and have been actively engaged in online journalism now for seven (7) years. Easton actually had the nerve to say that I have filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly Ayotte when there is not one scintilla of evidence to support such claim. That is why I filed this Ethics Complaint and tried to follow up on it last year and last month as noted in the video at top. Below is a post hearing video from the 5 December, 2011 Motion to Dismiss hearing. Fact of the matter is, I filed a well-pled Complaint that should definitely hurdle Iqbal and Twombly; we shall see. Thank you in advance for reviewing these issues.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KingCast says Kelly Ayotte NH AG successor Mike Delaney hates House Redress & Grievances Comittee because he's a bought-and-sold pawn of LE and the banksters, just like Kelly.

As seen on Stop Judicial Child Abuse.
From a former AAG to AG Delaney:
New Hampshire is a beautiful State with an all-too-often ugly government. But don't take my word for it, listen to these people -- including some of the more responsible Statesmen. I am alternately thrilled and saddened to present this movie as my best news-oriented short film ever, both in terms of production and underlying content. Unfortunately I get the feeling I will have many more opportunities on this subject matter. Get your popcorn ready, I will draw the truffle butter and Chimay.

These are not the stories of tinfoil hat-wearing misanthropes. These are real people living real lives who are being completely screwed because of politics, money and corruption.

Michael Holman on Rep Kevin Avard's show in Nashua, NH yesterday.

I have had to upload this video three (3) times now, it should finally work by 2:30p. Meanwhile here is something for you to think about relative to the above video: I filed a Senate Ethics Complaint against Kelly Ayotte's Chief of Staff John Easton when he lied and said that I had filed "frivolous lawsuits" against Kelly when there is absolutely no basis in fact or law for such statement. He did it seeking public money to defend my Free Press lawsuit that was argued 5 Dec. 2011 and still pending decision after I made all of the NH Federal Judiciary recuse themselves. 

Here's the kicker: WePapers has eliminated the Complaint. And of course Senate Ethics has never reached out to me despite several phone calls and the passing of almost an entire calendar year. Read the journal entry and try to click on the complaint good luck with that. I will have to upload it again.  I will leave it to the reader to infer what happened there, but it sure does taste like strange fruit to me... nest-ce pas?
New Hampshire is a beautiful State with an all-too-often ugly government. But don't take my word for it, listen to these people -- including some of the more responsible Statesmen. I am alternately thrilled and saddened to present this movie as my best news-oriented short film ever, both in terms of production and underlying content. Unfortunately I get the feeling I will have many more opportunities on this subject matter.

These are not the stories of tinfoil hat-wearing misanthropes. These are real people living real lives who are being completely screwed because of politics and money.
Watch for KingCast comprehensive coverage of today's landmark press conference 
held by the NH House Redress and Grievances Committee 
in response to NH AG Mike Delaney's ill-grounded criticism.

Kelly Ayotte successor Mike Delaney is a complete tool. Read this about Mike and read my "Prostitution isn't all" journal entry about Goldman Sachs and Kelly. And remember the Charles Glenn case, where Delaney covered up for illegally withholding evidence? Don't go to the Union Leader like Arthur Ginsberg because they will interview you and then fail to run a story, ahem. I am going up to Concord today to video and perhaps testify at the Committee and Michael Holman will be there, discussing how Kelly Ayotte, Mike Delaney and the State of NH and CT are indeed "motivated by an agenda that does not include a search for the truth." The Courts raided his house in WA State and took his children, only to send them to a drug-addled mother who allowed the son to be hit by a car without a bicycle helmet, resulting in a coma. Then a Judge even hid a drug raid at the mother's home from him. Mr. Holman will be taping this evening in Nashua, I believe with State Rep. Kevin Avard for public access television. Speaking of media, watch Kelly's response to an little old lady on the Occupy movement and the banksters at Nashua town hall.

"The House Redress of Grievances Committee has shown a bias against state workers that could threaten the safety of at-risk children, New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney said yesterday, outlining his concerns in a letter to Speaker Bill O'Brien that marks the latest high-profile disagreement between Delaney and the House's Republican leadership.

"I believe the one-sided hearings by the Redress of Grievance Committee are having a chilling effect on those who perform an essential function of state government - protecting children from abuse and neglect," Delaney wrote.

Delaney highlighted a series of questions posed to the state's Division for Children, Youth and Families by members of the legislative committee, which O'Brien resurrected last year to hear complaints from New Hampshire citizens. The questions "would lead any neutral observer to conclude that the committee is motivated by an agenda that does not include a search for the truth," Delaney said. 

KingCast says: "Mike, give it up man, you are a joke... or more accurately a crying sham(e)."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

KingCast thanks Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Judge and NH AG Michael Delaney for a pair of Civil Rights/First Amendment birthday presents!

First comes the obvious compare and contrast between the Judge Jessica Recksiedler candor and offered recusal vis a vis the same issue with U.S. District Court Judge Landya B. McCafferty and Judge Paul Barbadoro, who both initially sneered at my 28 U.S.C. §455 Recusal Motion. As it turns out, Magistrate Judge McCafferty made all kinds negative factual and legal inferences at a TRO hearing on a Free Press First Amendment access case, but it turns out that she worked at McLane, Graf, the same law firm as Defendant Senator Kelly Ayotte and my opposing counsel Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent, a founding partner and litigation chief, respectively. Here is part of my Memorandum in Opposition to their Motion to Dismiss and here is my Motion for Reconsideration on the Recusal: Magistrate McCafferty refused and finally bowed out clandestinely after Judge Barbadoro initially wrote that my request was clearly without merit. I called hogwash on all of that and eventually as usual, I was CORRECT. And so was Mary Ryan this year in the Catholic Diocese case because much like Louis and Britneyoops, she did it again. So you haters can point all the fingers you want to at me but you'll have several more coming right back at you. As noted earlier this week no one knows when the case will be decided even though this is only at a Motion to Dismiss level.
SANFORD, Fla. -- The judge hearing the George Zimmerman case announced Friday that her husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, who has been hired to act as a CNN analyst for the case. Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler said she had an ethical obligation to disclose that and allow Zimmerman's attorney or the special prosecutor to ask her to step down.
What's next? Well as you will soon see on video (despite my no-work declaration today LOL) I pimped the Triumph out to New Hampshire yesterday and who did I see but Mike Gannon and his wife Janet! That is his Harley next to Bessie the Triumph and perhaps a Suzuki Bandit 600 is rolling in the background. They told me all about this month's Pat Meighan Nashua PD story about him, and NH AG Michael Delaney's post Glik v. Boston Memorandum, which preceded Nashua PD's recent offer of criminal dismissal/no lawsuit with respect to Mr. Gannon's remaining charge.

New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney sent a memo March 22 to county attorneys and law enforcement agencies throughout the state reminding them that residents have the right to videotape police in such public places as city streets and parks.
“I am aware that in the recent past a number of police departments have arrested individuals for audio and or video recording police officers in public engaged in official duties,” Delaney wrote. “I want to alert all law enforcement agencies to a recent opinion of the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which makes such arrests illegal.”
We laughed at any notion of a plea bargain the same way I rejected any plea bargain when I was NAACP Legal Chair and Kelly Ayotte and her idiot minions tried to come after me for exercising my First Amendment Rights against hence-fired Jaffrey PD Chief Martin Dunn, who now draws a pension disability while blaming his emotional issues on Yours Truly. I won and so will Mr. Gannon, who is going to go to trial in front of a Jury, kick their ever-loving asses and win acquittal (possibly even on a Directed Verdict) and then sue the living daylights out of Nashua PD, and for Good Reason. Nashua PD has screwed Mike Gannon (twice, remember 2006) Dave Ridley (Not Guilty), Pamela Reynolds (Not Guilty) and Yours Truly (Civil Litigation - Third Amended Complaint in 2010-CV-501 that should have been allowed) in different ways, but the common denominator was that we were all running video of them when it happened. One way or another they are going to learn their lesson. In this 26 August 2011 journal entry I warned them it was all coming down, LOL guys LOL. Below is the memorandum I penned to Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen regarding the similar Clark Graber case in Maryland. There is all kinds of video about these situations just look at the above link and search their names at my YouTube Channel KingCast65 or Save the First Amendment.
KingCast v. Nashua PD RSA 91A Warning Letter - Mike Gannon 2006 Home Videotapes of LE Misconduct

Friday, April 13, 2012

KingCast and Mortgage Movies sneer at CNN Money story that reads like a press release from the mortgage & banking industry.

Here is today's CNN story, and here is my reply. I saved my reply because they have enabled comment moderation of course.
Many foreclosures have been in limbo since fall 2010 following the so-called robo-signing scandal, when banks allowed employees to sign off on thousands of foreclosure documents a month with little verification.
"So-called robo-signing"
"Bank employees"

Have you ever heard of the concept that you have to have STANDING in order to initiate a foreclosure, and the forged or fake documents notarized or signed by people FAKE TITLES might not pass legal muster?

This story reads like a press release from the banking industry. Robo-signing and the bifurcation of note and mortgage have been done in ways that clearly violate UCC Articles §3 and 8, and you put out some garbage like this? Is Bethany Hood a "bank employee?" Is she a "MERS employee?" If so why does the law firm of Fein, Such & Kahn have no comment for me, and why does Ms. Hood (a postal clerk for lender processing services) pass me off to her legal team that never returns my phone call?

Look folks

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prostitution isn't all: KingCast and Mortgage Movies advise NYTimes writer Nicholas Kristof to delve into Goldman Sachs, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group small merchant rip-off schemes.

"I see no evidence that Goldman and other private equity investors ever uttered a whisper of protest internally, even as arrests were made in 22 states for trafficking of under-age girls who had been marketed on Backpage."
Dear Reporter Kristof, given what I already know about Goldman Sachs, your Goldman Sachs sex trade revelation does not surprise me. Read my last story at Mortgage Movies about these unsavory characters and how they line the pockets of U.S. Senators like Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) so that they refuse to investigate clear cut issues of consumer/small merchant fraud. As the game goes with Notes/Mortgage securitization the bogus contracts obtained through deceptive practices are bundled up and sold, it is pathetic. 

As a former State Attorney and licensed title insurance producer please allow me to further educate you on how the game is played with the two videos above. The first is with the sleazy law firm of Fein, Such & Kahn and the second involves the consumer/small business fraud. Frankly, these people and institutions are largely responsible for the downfall of Western Civilization that I largely document at KingCast65 YouTube and Mortgage Movies. You may contact me at for more information, peace and great work, Sir and watch this one for good measure, it dovetails nicely with the one above so you can really understand what is going on here, and it ain't pretty.