Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Saturday, April 14, 2012

KingCast thanks Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Judge and NH AG Michael Delaney for a pair of Civil Rights/First Amendment birthday presents!

First comes the obvious compare and contrast between the Judge Jessica Recksiedler candor and offered recusal vis a vis the same issue with U.S. District Court Judge Landya B. McCafferty and Judge Paul Barbadoro, who both initially sneered at my 28 U.S.C. §455 Recusal Motion. As it turns out, Magistrate Judge McCafferty made all kinds negative factual and legal inferences at a TRO hearing on a Free Press First Amendment access case, but it turns out that she worked at McLane, Graf, the same law firm as Defendant Senator Kelly Ayotte and my opposing counsel Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent, a founding partner and litigation chief, respectively. Here is part of my Memorandum in Opposition to their Motion to Dismiss and here is my Motion for Reconsideration on the Recusal: Magistrate McCafferty refused and finally bowed out clandestinely after Judge Barbadoro initially wrote that my request was clearly without merit. I called hogwash on all of that and eventually as usual, I was CORRECT. And so was Mary Ryan this year in the Catholic Diocese case because much like Louis and Britneyoops, she did it again. So you haters can point all the fingers you want to at me but you'll have several more coming right back at you. As noted earlier this week no one knows when the case will be decided even though this is only at a Motion to Dismiss level.
SANFORD, Fla. -- The judge hearing the George Zimmerman case announced Friday that her husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, who has been hired to act as a CNN analyst for the case. Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler said she had an ethical obligation to disclose that and allow Zimmerman's attorney or the special prosecutor to ask her to step down.
What's next? Well as you will soon see on video (despite my no-work declaration today LOL) I pimped the Triumph out to New Hampshire yesterday and who did I see but Mike Gannon and his wife Janet! That is his Harley next to Bessie the Triumph and perhaps a Suzuki Bandit 600 is rolling in the background. They told me all about this month's Pat Meighan Nashua PD story about him, and NH AG Michael Delaney's post Glik v. Boston Memorandum, which preceded Nashua PD's recent offer of criminal dismissal/no lawsuit with respect to Mr. Gannon's remaining charge.

New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney sent a memo March 22 to county attorneys and law enforcement agencies throughout the state reminding them that residents have the right to videotape police in such public places as city streets and parks.
“I am aware that in the recent past a number of police departments have arrested individuals for audio and or video recording police officers in public engaged in official duties,” Delaney wrote. “I want to alert all law enforcement agencies to a recent opinion of the First Circuit Court of Appeals, which makes such arrests illegal.”
We laughed at any notion of a plea bargain the same way I rejected any plea bargain when I was NAACP Legal Chair and Kelly Ayotte and her idiot minions tried to come after me for exercising my First Amendment Rights against hence-fired Jaffrey PD Chief Martin Dunn, who now draws a pension disability while blaming his emotional issues on Yours Truly. I won and so will Mr. Gannon, who is going to go to trial in front of a Jury, kick their ever-loving asses and win acquittal (possibly even on a Directed Verdict) and then sue the living daylights out of Nashua PD, and for Good Reason. Nashua PD has screwed Mike Gannon (twice, remember 2006) Dave Ridley (Not Guilty), Pamela Reynolds (Not Guilty) and Yours Truly (Civil Litigation - Third Amended Complaint in 2010-CV-501 that should have been allowed) in different ways, but the common denominator was that we were all running video of them when it happened. One way or another they are going to learn their lesson. In this 26 August 2011 journal entry I warned them it was all coming down, LOL guys LOL. Below is the memorandum I penned to Nashua PD Attorney Brian Cullen regarding the similar Clark Graber case in Maryland. There is all kinds of video about these situations just look at the above link and search their names at my YouTube Channel KingCast65 or Save the First Amendment.
KingCast v. Nashua PD RSA 91A Warning Letter - Mike Gannon 2006 Home Videotapes of LE Misconduct

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  1. It is quite the story and there is so much more if you know knew what they did to him in 2006 with a shotgun to his face at his doorway, Mike is ex military so he took it from them and turned it around on them on his porch... somebody could have died that night and it was all Nashua PD's fault, that's why they don't want to give him the videos back.... when he went in to file a complaint (which was sustained by the way) they confiscated his tapes!

    Just google his name and search his name on youtube you will see several other interviews with Mr. Gannon, including our visit to the FBI.... which has done nothing yet except email me promising to do something....

    Christopher King, J.D. a/k/a KingCast