Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prostitution isn't all: KingCast and Mortgage Movies advise NYTimes writer Nicholas Kristof to delve into Goldman Sachs, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Vericomm, Northern Leasing and Lease Finance Group small merchant rip-off schemes.

"I see no evidence that Goldman and other private equity investors ever uttered a whisper of protest internally, even as arrests were made in 22 states for trafficking of under-age girls who had been marketed on Backpage."
Dear Reporter Kristof, given what I already know about Goldman Sachs, your Goldman Sachs sex trade revelation does not surprise me. Read my last story at Mortgage Movies about these unsavory characters and how they line the pockets of U.S. Senators like Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) so that they refuse to investigate clear cut issues of consumer/small merchant fraud. As the game goes with Notes/Mortgage securitization the bogus contracts obtained through deceptive practices are bundled up and sold, it is pathetic. 

As a former State Attorney and licensed title insurance producer please allow me to further educate you on how the game is played with the two videos above. The first is with the sleazy law firm of Fein, Such & Kahn and the second involves the consumer/small business fraud. Frankly, these people and institutions are largely responsible for the downfall of Western Civilization that I largely document at KingCast65 YouTube and Mortgage Movies. You may contact me at for more information, peace and great work, Sir and watch this one for good measure, it dovetails nicely with the one above so you can really understand what is going on here, and it ain't pretty.

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