Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Federal Disctrict Court John J. McConnell says it's okay for Kelly Ayotte to offer an RSVP to a reporter then renege on it, and it's okay for Nashua PD to run a reporter all the way out of Crowne Plaza in KingCast v. Ayotte, NH GOP and Nashua PD NH Dist 2010-CV-501.

Note: Defendant Fisher in my case is still a named Defendant in the Gorsuch case for lying, the same thing I accused him of doing when he hassled me about being too close to a backing car while white people were actually CLOSER to the backing car. Two named Defendants were released. Stay tuned on that one.

Here is an excellent back story link. I am in DC headed to the 36th Annual Hubert Humphrey Civil Rights Gala and so I do not have time to delve into His Honor's logic. I will eave that for a Motion to Reconsider, Notice of Appeal, etc. but in the interim I will share what I told someone last week when they asked why it had been a full six (6) months to decide a Motion to Dismiss:
"Son let me tell you something (doing my best Foghorn Leghorn)... The Republicans might not like him, and they might all have voted against his ascension to the bench, and he and I might both be alumni from Case Western Reserve University but he is still a Judge, and Judges tend to issue Decisions that protect the establishment, be it Democratic or Republican because it's really all the same animal when yooze get right down to it."

Of course in the reality I figured this might happen given the way that Jack Middleton and Jennifer Parent sat there while former co-worker and then underling (read: subordinate employee) Judge Landya B. McCafferty brazenly ruled on my case without ever divulging the existence of this relationship. It only got worse after I publicly embarassed Judge Paul Barbadoro after he wrote me that my Motion to Recuse was "entirely without merit," at least until I started using Pacer and Lexis to retrieve Judge McCafferty's OTHER contemporaneous recusals and asking questions. On the issue of whether her Decision against me should be voided given the obvious conflict that existed at the time of the hearing, Judge Barbadoro recused himself as soon as I requested that he Certify his Decision denying my Motion to Vacate her Order. If you think the subsequent Judge is then going to in effect double-slam the prior Judges you are sadly mistaken. I am comfortable that any attorney reading this can clearly see the Game being played whether or not they have the chutzpah to publicly acknowledge it.

Funny how I could know the procedure and substance of 28 U.S.C. 455 so well but apparently not have a clue as to anything else legal, isn't it.

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    Michael Holman said...
    The only way to cure this rabid dog is to take it down by the railroad tracks.....

    3:10 PM
    TW said...
    Looking forward to digging 1st Circuit decisions on bias, prejudice and judge recusal when there is obvious conflict of interest. Where is the lamestream media ? Even on a slow news day some duffer in a newsroom should have mild interest since it affects all journalists. The wall of silence is intact. Expect nothing less. Little do they know their silence will be their own demise. cowards

    4:26 PM
    Christopher King said...
    Here's how this works folks:

    1. We are just getting started.

    2. I figured they would get the win like this for reasons stated in the journal entry. Remember, when I worked for the State and even afterward I saw all kinds of crazy-assed things happen to good cases just because the powers-that-be had to have their win.

    3. When the powers-that-be have determined that you are going to lose on the merits, then dammit you are going to lose on the merits and whatever Judge McConnell and I learned in the classrooms of Case Western Reserve University (under some of the same professors I might add) means NOTHING.

    4. Even at this level I take a not insubstantial victory in slamming Judges McCafferty and Barbadoro for their attempted manifestation of outright lawlessness. As noted in the email to opposing counsel, me publicly embarrassing them is good collateral damage that they will suffer gladly in order to keep Queen B Kelly on the boil.

    -The KingCaster.