Senator Kelly Ayotte

Senator Kelly Ayotte

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

KingCast Presents Nashua PD Blue.... and Black: The Arrest, Beating and OC Spraying of Jeffrey Riel and Another.

Jeffrey Riel consults with lawyer Paul Borchard at today's arraignment.

On or about 2 May Jeffrey Riel was walking along the railroad tracks as dozens of people do in Nashua every night when the police stopped him for allegedly suspicious activity as others walked around him at the same time. It turns out there was some sort of probation violation from Virginia, but those close to him say he may have been unaware because the DMV and other LE were not even aware. We will see how that unfolds. The following is a verbatim excerpt from my phone conversation with a witness to the beatings of Jeffrey Riel and Another who was present. 

"The police said we got him on suspicious behavior... he was just walking down the tracks (near Margarita's) to get some beers.... The cops kept trying to get us out of there. They kept rushing us. I think there's way much more to this. 

"He freaked out and ran a bit but stopped and laid down and said 'I give up I give up'. They beat him on the ground them pulled his hands in the air and continued to beat him all over legs, face, head all over like they wanted to get a few more licks in. They were pepper spraying him and kept beating him as they stood him up and I was screaming stop beating him stop beating him. I wish I had the presence of mind to get my phone out but I was so shocked, and anyway Nashua PD beats people who video them." 

"They can't do that anymore did you hear about the Glick Decision and Memorandum from AG Mike Delaney to local police?" (Related video is posted along with witness statements from the Mike Gannon/Pamela Reynolds beatdown) courtroom video to follow tonight).

"No, I wish I had had known about that AG opinion... I've never seen anything like this in my life. I'm not used to seeing people I love getting beat down by the police." "They said 'Ma'am you need to keep your mouth shut.' I said no I'm not going to keep my mouth shut you kept beating them and he gave up.... Then they said 'let's take her in.' "I said you don't even know who I am and what would you be charging me with... I'll keep my mouth shut..... for now......"

But she didn't and Yours Truly and David Horan, attorney for the other person who was also beat down have received witness statements from this individual who decided to Take a Stand against what she perceives to be outright police brutality. To add insult to injury, Attorney Horan informs me that after the other person bailed out she was served yet again through Wilton PD on Sunday with an order to appear in Court where Prosecutor Evelyn King (no relation thank goodness) tried to raise the bail sua sponte. Judge Crocker resolutely denied such attempt, but what did happen is that they levied yet another charge against her and demanded a blood sample, which Attorney Horan has objected. He is aghast and so too is NH PD Investigator Cheryl Stafford-Rogers, with whom I conversed today at today's arraignment where Mr. Riel pleaded not guilty to 2+2 counts of assault and resisting arrest. Unfortunately she was not authorized to show me the pictures of multiple bruises he sustained but they will all be public at some point barring dismissal of charges.

To those of you who are afraid to give your names to Telegraph Reporter Pat Meighan for fear of retaliation by Nashua PD, I can only say that government will never get better if we remain afraid of the bad cops. I know it is not your fault that you are in this situation but I strongly encourage you to come forward, publicly. This is one case that deserves it for reasons I have stated, and for some that I have not... yet.
And with that I'm off to this year's Humbert Humphrey Civil Rights Gala. What I am doing there is for me to know, and you to find out... at a time I deem appropriate.

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